Best Blogging & Marketing Books That You Must Read In 2024

Anyone that is involved in digital, content, influencer and/or social media marketing tend to be busy people. Between social media, emails, Slack chats, internal as well as client meetings, phone calls, webinars, conferences, and on top of that producing the latest, greatest ad campaign ever takes up a lot of time. But what about continuing learning in our field? If we don’t maintain track of the latest developments, we’re liable to lose any competitive edge we might’ve had in the past. Eventually clients or other operations personnel at the firm may ask us questions we don’t know the solution to, and struggle to find the answer to. So, with our time being so precious, what can we read that will maintain our knowledge up-to-date? Here are some outstanding, if not the finest marketing books that you should read this year, at least if you haven’t already.

For some who assume that blogs and podcasts are enough, certainly, reading and listening to such are vital to keeping up to date as well. But authors devote the time into their books to develop structure, explanation, and depth that you simply can’t get in a single podcast or blog post. That’s why I’m an avid reader of books, and I hope you are and become one too!


I used to have a separate blog post for social media books and another for marketing books, but it seemed more natural to eventually blend them together into one longish list of books that I suggest regardless if it is digital or social media. As digital and social media changes, these books and their perspectives serve us a guiding light. I want to keep updating this list as well as new recommendable books get published, so make sure you bookmark this page and come back for more recommendations!

I also used to publish higher numbers of books in this post, but I decided that limiting it to 50 would be the best approach to not overwhelm you. If you can simply read one marketing book a week, this list of 50 will last you until my next edition at the end of next year!

I have sorted these picks into categories depending on the subject matter to make it easy for you to discover the exact book you are searching for, so keep scrolling because I am positive your next read is on this list! Also, I have included the publishing year for the newest version of the book – perhaps you read an earlier edition but you might want to check out a newer one!As a convenience, if you are an Amazon shopper, you can find all of these books on my Amazon storefront. Note that the links in the shop, as well as each of the book links below, are affiliate in nature but cost no more to you.

The 10 Best General Marketing Books of All-Time

These are the books that you will find on the reading list if not bookshelves of marketing executives, CMOs, and business leaders throughout the world. If you want a place to start, before digging into my other choices of digital or social media marketing books, please start with the classics!

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin (1999)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Seth Godin has been influencing marketers for decades, and this is possibly his finest work. Godin’s approach to marketing is distinct from many of his peers’ techniques, but is valuable in its soft approach. By creating a practice of marketing “permissively,” you can create feelings of trust and loyalty between customers and the businesses they love.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini (2021)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Influence is not a book about influencer marketing. It is the ultimate book to better grasp the role of influence in business. Cialdini’s book is regarded a key entry into your marketing literature, because it simplifies the complexity of persuasion and influence, and tells you how to use these in your benefit. With study and experiences, Cialdini demonstrates how persuasion and influence be yielded properly and well.

Hooked by Nir Eyal (2014)

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As its name suggests, Eyal’s book looks into how to design products and services that attract clients and keep them coming back for more. Eyal outlines in great detail how to buy things that will develop habits, as well as how to attract clients with marketing efforts.

Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown (2017)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Ellis’ book identifies the strategy behind the genius of extremely successful organizations like IBM, Uber, and Walmart, in order to continue to expand and avoid stalling out in their infancy.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger (2016)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Berger’s book explores the topic of why some ideas, news articles, and even products take on a life of their own, and why others seem to simply fall and fail. Berger systematically takes readers into the brains and motivations of people, and how those motivations and thought patterns may be exploited to produce products, services, headlines, and ideas that will keep people coming back for more.

Made to Stick By Chip Heath & Dan Heath (2007)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Chip and Dan Heath discuss the subject of why certain ideas take hold and go far, while others stumble and are finally lost or forgotten. While identifying why some ideas persist, Chip and Dan Heath help readers learn techniques to make their own ideas and proposals sparkle and take root.

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout (2001)

Blogging & Marketing Books

This book has become a classic because it approaches sales and marketing from a radically different viewpoint; rather than providing a simple list of rules to follow, Ries and Trout identify the importance of positioning yourself or your brand as a compelling authority in your industry, complete with visible strengths, weaknesses, and growth. It is also considered a classic since it teaches readers how to change positions as needed to raise yourself, level the competition, or transfer markets and audiences as necessary.

Youtility by Jay Baer (2013)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Aptly named, Baer’s work approaches sales from the perspective of service. In the book, Baer makes the point that marketing teams would achieve considerably larger results and more long-lasting customer relationships if the focus was less on selling items or services, and more on generating value by supporting their customers and developing true relationships. While this book may initially appeal to specific businesses with more service-oriented products and services, the book gives significant insights for people and teams in all niches, since practically any product can provide some form of value or service to a prospective consumer. While it is a bit older than other of the items on this list, its message remains an essential one for marketers, because it continues to highlight human behavior and creating trust as cornerstones of sales tactics.

1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib (2018)

Blogging & Marketing Books

The 1-page marketing approach is spelled out in this book, and it tackles one of the most prevalent challenges with human behavior: it gives a clear beginning place from which to work, and sets readers up with an easy, step-by-step way to construct the meat of a marketing plan. The book is mostly oriented on smaller and medium-sized enterprises, vs enterprise-level marketers, which means that the bulk of Dib’s advice are ready to apply, no matter where you are in your marketing efforts. With information regarding marketing budgets, addressing your most major competitors, and troubleshooting for implementing the 1-page strategy, this is a terrific alternative for small to medium sized firms starting from square one.

Buyology by Martin Lindstrom (2010)

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Less a “how-to” than the other books listed here, Lindstrom’s work assesses what truly drives sales, and how humans actually respond to marketing initiatives. In reading the material offered here, marketers can customize their strategy to principles of neurology.

The 3 Best Digital Marketing Books

Digital marketing follows many of the same standards as print and other traditional types of marketing, but to capture successful marketing online, there are a few more elements to take into account. The following books can assist clarify some of those considerations, and point to digital marketing oriented concerns, such as growth hacking, follower numbers and influencer alliances, and plenty more. From navigating how to develop relationships with customers online, to determining your target market on each online platform, to understanding the different reports that come out of each platform, the more you can learn about digital marketing, the greater your comfort level working within its guidelines will be.

Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation & Practice – Dave Chaffey & Fiona Ellis-Chadwick (2012)

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While it was created a decade ago, if you’re seeking to start with the canonical textbook on digital marketing, start here. Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick’s book presents real-life examples of successful marketing tactics from recognized organizations. By breaking down such campaigns and determining what was done well in them, readers can apply best practices to their own marketing efforts to get themselves one step closer to being the marketing expert needed to take their digital marketing to the next level. Formatted in a way that reads more like a practical textbook, Chaffey’s work helps digital marketers manage their queries and worries quickly and easily to introduce critical features without delay. Because the book is designed in an easy-to-navigate form, readers may bounce around as-needed, and utilize the book as a frequent go-to when a new topic or concern arises. This is a nice one to keep on your shelf.

Digital Marketing for Dummies by Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry (2020)

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As is the case for the “for Dummies” series as a whole, the digital marketing entry is designed to give a lot of knowledge for persons who are familiar with the subject matter and complete newbies, alike. With plenty of definitions for the novice and countless tidbits of information for anyone new to digital marketing or interested in improving their foray into this form of sales, Deiss and Henneberry’s book is a valuable cornerstone to brush up on the latest trends and terminology to make sure you are comfortable working within this world. Digital marketing is an ever-changing field, with new platforms, trending themes, and best practices at what might seem like every corner. With the robust basis of information taught here, marketers can feel more secure launching digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing by Simon Kingsnorth (2022)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Currently on its third edition, Kingsnorth’s entry into the digital marketing world is considered a significant resource with good reason: as new trends have emerged on the scene and reshaped the face of digital marketing, marketers have been faced with a horde of competing ideas and bits of advice. Kingsnorth handles the ins and outs of marketing, covering everything from simple definitions, to more complicated and in-depth tactics to make sure that your digital marketing keeps up with the crowd, and keeps up with all new trends and the latest in technology. The most recent update, in keeping with this purpose, has been revised to incorporate knowledge regarding artificial intelligence and its role in digital marketing, as well as automation and affiliate marketing. While newcomers on the scene can be tough or intimidating to roll into your existing marketing strategy, Kingsnorth’s guidance can help it feel far less daunting and far more doable.

The 3 Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Books

SEO is the backbone for digital marketing, thus it should come as no surprise that this is where we should start on our trip as we dig deeper into digital marketing. Rather than presenting you to one book, I will give you with one classic and two modern publications, both offering dramatically different opinions on how to effectively optimize your website for search engines.

The Art of SEO by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer and Jessie Strichola (2023)

Blogging & Marketing Books

The Art of SEO is coming up on its fourth edition, and with good reason: serving as a textbook guide to SEO, the book was authored by Stephan Spencer, Eric Enge, and Jessie Strichola, all professionals in the field of SEO and digital marketing. And The Art of SEO is less an introduction to SEO and more a truly comprehensive guide to how to best create and implement an SEO strategy, from start to finish. Also The Art of SEO is an ideal read for people who have an existing understanding of SEO practices and those who are wholly new to the concept alike, as it goes over basic topics and advanced topics in depth, and functions as a guide to develop your own SEO strategy according to your business or brand’s needs and preferences. If you are new to establishing your digital marketing strategy, or current marketing initiatives are in need of an update, The Art of SEO can give a great jumping-off place to adapt your SEO habits and approaches.

Product-Led SEO by Eli Schwartz (2021)

Blogging & Marketing Books

The full title of this book is Product-Led SEO: The Why Behind Building Your Organic Growth Strategy and as the subtitle says, this book is aimed for people who are either new to SEO, or those who do not completely understand the ins and outs of effective SEO techniques. Product-Led SEO is published by Eli Schwartz, a consultant and SEO marketing master, with over a decade of experience in the sector. This book may not be the greatest for people who have an established marketing plan, or those who are familiar with normal customer behavior, but is a classic book for anyone whose approach to marketing is unsure or just starting out.

Although the title of the book might suggest that the contents focus mostly on SEO tactics for promoting certain products, Schwartz’ work focuses on SEO material as a whole, and presents a strategy to marketing with SEO that nearly any firm and brand can follow.

The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business by Jason Barnard (2022)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Aptly stated, The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business focuses primarily on setting the framework for digital marketing, which is important for current marketers to understand and manage. Jason Barnard’s book tackles one specific issue: SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. According to Barnard–and plenty of other marketing professionals–SERPs are incredibly crucial to enhance the reach and consistency of your brand or organization, since it allows customers to consistently be directed to you when looking online.

The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for firm includes tried-and-true tactics established and applied by the author himself in his online marketing efforts to develop a consistent and effective marketing plan that has helped his firm rise. This book is great for individuals who are unfamiliar with the best practices for SERPs in order to maximize online marketing techniques, and who are seeking for straightforward tips regarding how to boost your brand or business’ search engine results pages.

The 5 Best Blogging and Content Marketing Books

Content marketing sometimes gets mixed together with SEO, but they are actually two very different concepts and approaches that both focus around content. While blogging is merely a subset of content marketing, most of these content marketing books focus on using your blog and textual composition of your content. So if you’re searching for a book on blogging or on content marketing, here are my ideas.

Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi (2023)

Blogging & Marketing Books

A vital inclusion and perhaps one of the greatest books to read for anyone working in content marketing, Pulazzi’s work is predicated on the concept that a great story cannot be trumped. Stories are how people interact, how information is shared, and how people find their attention being successfully diverted. This is what produces genuinely amazing content: stories. Pulizzi’s original work was published 8 years ago, though its most recent edition has included all of the hallmarks in the current content marketing climate, including how to tell a story in order to build your company or brand’s community, get people talking, and position yourself or your brand as a trusted, reliable voice in your particular industry or niche. With plenty of practical suggestions to get the ball rolling, this is a book about marketing to not only prompt a click of a “purchase” button, but to prompt connections and communities that will have customers coming back again and again.

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley (2022)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Originally launched in 2014, Handley’s book is a clear and easy guide through how to make sure that your writing is communicating your message successfully. Although many people have argued that the written word is not as valuable as it once was, the written word remains to be one of the foremost delivery techniques for all marketing, and may be far more captivating and instructive than any other medium of communication.

In Handley’s book, readers are guided through the foundations of how to write successfully, and how to write in a way that effectively connects with your audience and humanizes your organization and products. From creating snappy, funny product descriptions, to conveying poignant stories of actual customers and your company’s history, Handley provides lots of insight into how to take your writing to the next level and boost the reach and staying power of your brand.

Content Chemistry by Andy Crestodina (2022)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Originally released in 2012, Andy Crestodina’s classic Content Chemistry is now in its 5th edition. According to him, it is the outcome of nearly a decade of research into marketing methods and consumer psychology. Since the first release, Andy has carefully rewritten the text to cover the newest research, developing methodologies, and new standards. In other words, it’s intended to be a primer for individuals who are new to the field of marketing, as well as those looking to discover what’s new. Even better, the workbook style makes it an excellent textbook for training, and lets you put discoveries into practice.

Several Amazon reviewers think it’s among the best books they’ve read. Beyond typical marketing practitioners, content creators claim that it’s an excellent book for individuals looking to make their material more relevant to today’s market. In other words, influencers who collaborate with multiple companies can get a lot out of this book too.

They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan (2019)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Rather than being just a marketing specialist, Marcus Sheridan is a business owner who was able to build his pool installation firm in spite of the 2008 housing meltdown. Leveraging that expertise, Marcus demonstrates that the typical sales funnel is incomplete. In order to be successful, he explains, you need to answer the questions your potential clients are asking. Generally speaking, one of the best solutions to this problem is content marketing, especially where it incorporates consumer education in the relevant sector. To utilize this trend, it is necessary to establish an effective content strategy, including SEO-friendly blog entries and articles. After that, you need to successfully manage your inbound marketing and sales: customer loyalty and referrals that lead to more sales, customer support, and consultations.

The Content Fuel Framework by Melanie Deziel (2020)

Blogging & Marketing Books

As any marketing professional can tell, there are apparently infinite expectations placed on companies and brands to develop a steady stream of original, captivating, and visually appealing content–something that can be tough to execute without being monotonous or even overbearing. Deziel sets out her approach to this precise problem by describing how to design your own method for cranking out content often, without losing quality, content, or style.

The beauty of this particular book is that it does not provide industry specific concepts, but instead encourages readers to focus on their own businesses and their own distinctive voices, in order to continuously create captivating, unique material.

The 3 Best Brand Storytelling Books

Over the last several years we have seen a number of good works that point to the need for firms to become better storytellers to have impact in their marketing. While I bundle the following books together in this category of Brand Storytelling, there are apparent parallels with content marketing, branding, and even employee and brand advocacy. This is the newest category of books that I put to this list, so if you are searching for a refreshing look at marketing, these books are for you.

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller (2017)

Blogging & Marketing Books

The storyline of putting your consumer as the hero of your story all began with this influential book, which really should be considered the must-read book in this area.

In Building a Story Brand, author Donald Miller addresses content marketing in a creative and innovative way. Turning standard advertising approaches on their heads, Miller pushes his readers to not only create web copy geared to sell, but to produce web copy that employs storytelling aspects to draw the reader in and develop a relationship to the company or brand. Writing for your target market in this way demands a great deal of ingenuity, obviously, but also generates intimate relationships to the brand or company in issue, and promotes consumer loyalty more successfully than typical marketing copy.

The principles of Miller’s approach to marketing are put out in the book in 7 points, and strategies to simplify and subsequently amplify a brand’s marketing message. Miller’s expertise is developed in part from his time as a best-selling author of memoirs, and his unique approach to content production has been demonstrated to boost brands’ marketing success and audience engagement and loyalty.

Brand Storytelling by Miri Rodriguez (2020)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Brand Storytelling is an award-winning book that has become one of the classic marketing books used to boost companies’ content marketing strategy. Unlike many other authors in this post, Miri Rodriguez focuses attention and energy on encouraging her audience to listen to the wisdom created by brands such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Google. The most pressing piece of advice presented in Brand Storytelling is this: new and existing customers want to hear about how they will be influenced and how others will be impacted, not why they should buy a product or service. Rodriguez touches on the wisdom of established brands and companies, and encourages readers to develop a lasting connection with their audience. Brand Storytelling describes how to build a brand story, from start to finish, in order to develop a solid base of loyal customers and elevate your brand or company.

The Laws of Brand Storytelling by Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio (2018)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Did you realize that your customers are the ones that determine what your brand is all about? Increasingly, this is the conclusion that businesses must work under. In their book The Laws of Brand Storytelling, Walter and Gioglio will advise you how to make sure that your brand is telling a tale that will cause you and your customers to adopt the same definition of your brand. One of the major methods of achieving this, of course, is to be authentic with customers. Tell them who you are, and craft a captivating story that they’ll embrace. Especially if you’re struggling to identify your brand with customers, these insights are valuable.

The 6 Best Social Media Marketing Books

Social media has grown over time, but there are evergreen concepts that brands can apply to aid them across social networks, and even if new ones that can compete with TikTok develop. These books focus on the broad picture and are always helpful as references to make sure our social media marketing is done at a strategic – and successful – level.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk (2013)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Although most social media managers and marketers know the significance of a story, it can be challenging to make sure your story is heard above the clamor of every other maker out there, also fighting to be heard. Vaynerchuk’s solution is one that involves not simply following a rote formula that can be copied and pasted from one network to another, and instead focusing your effort on creating content that is designed for a specific social media site or specific space, and continually adapting your strategy and individual posts to suit the platform on which you are posting. Ideas are straightforward and actionable, and can help explain the minutiae of posting across several media.

Social Media Marketing Workbook: How to Use Social Media for Business by Jason McDonald (2022)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Written by a professor of marketing headquartered in San Francisco, this is genuinely a workbook for marketers to work through, in order to explain their own social media marketing habits and practices, and establish the style and voice that best matches their business. The book also comes loaded with “companion” videos to assist clarify any concerns readers may have, and to function as a source of support for readers who are seeking to build their own best practices for social media marketing. The way the book is written up is straightforward to use and thorough, which allows readers to comb through concepts and questions platform by platform. Readers can also download worksheets to help bring the book’s concepts to life for their own enterprises, and to establish a plan of action as they read.

Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen (2019)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Need to read up on the newer social media networks? With 3 Billion individuals already on social media, Dave thinks that every business should have a thorough social media marketing strategy. Now in its third edition, Likeable Social Media is regarded a classic marketing tome. Originally, it was published before newer social media sites like Snapchat were invented, but with the 3rd edition these are mentioned in addition to the older networks.

In this book, Dave discusses about what makes customers “like” and otherwise connect with your content. It isn’t as simple as putting out news about sales and product rollouts, since you have to convince a customer to care. Most reviews point out that the real-world examples and case studies are extremely instructive. After all, what good are beliefs if you can’t put them into practice?

The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder (2016)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Considered a classic of social media marketing, The Zen of Social Media Marketing has been there since the early days of social media marketing, and has continued to develop, update, and expand as social media has grown and evolved. Although the title may not lend a great deal of information about the contents of the book, it is a substantial text that covers not only social media marketing but also email marketing and content creation, in order to bring all of these marketing avenues together and have your marketing efforts working in tandem. The Zen of Social Media Marketing also goes over the basics of social media as a whole, outlining what it is and how and why it works as a marketing tool.

Because the book has been around for two decades and covers the full of marketing, it is a useful tome for persons who are new to social media marketing, and those who have been working in the area for a decade or two.

SOCIAL 3.0: How Forward-Thinking B2B’s can unleash the Power of Social Media by Andy Lambert (2022)

Blogging & Marketing Books

While the focus for many of the books has been on B2C transactions, SOCIAL 3.0 focuses on B2Bs and how far too many of these firms let their social media to be fully absorbed by sales rather than great marketing material. Because B2B models typically presume that businesses are anxious to get down to brass tacks and skip the normal trappings involved in sales copy, many B2B organizations do not devote a great lot of time or energy into building their own distinctive and intriguing social media platforms. SOCIAL 3.0 urges B2Bs to avoid this particular problem and approach marketing to businesses with the same devotion and enthusiasm to impart value as B2Cs and offer plenty of insight, information, and personality on their social media platforms.

Identifying the huge value of influencer culture and e-commerce via social media platforms, SOCIAL 3.0 is an important book for B2Bs wishing to actually innovate and develop their social channels.

Maximize Your Social by Neal Schaffer (2013)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Yes, I am the author of this book. Through my personal social media marketing consulting, I wanted to build a resource that will help the reader to create their own social media marketing strategy. I definitely wouldn’t put my own book on this list if I didn’t think it would bring value to your business, and being encouraged by the feedback I’ve received so far on Amazon, I’m taking a deep breath and adding it. Once again, this is a subjective list, but if I wasn’t writing a book that I would suggest to others, why write it, right?

Full Disclaimer: This book is one of the older books on this list, and there are some chapters which are useless today, however the core concepts and advice from this book remain intact.

The 3 Best Influencer Marketing Books

For those that have read The Age of Influence or my blog entries on influencer marketing, you know that I take a very broad and holistic perspective when it comes to the question of who is an influencer in social media. It is not simply those persons that you have never heard of yet nonetheless have millions of followers. It’s also those who have brand affinity for you, whether it be your employees or fans. That’s why I’ve collected together 3 separate books that address 3 different parts of influencer marketing that I highly recommend you read.

The Age of Influence by Neal Schaffer (2020)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Influencer marketing is something that any organization of any size and industry can use, but marketers have misinterpreted the potential impact it may have for a multitude of reasons. I wanted to put the record straight so that no firm misses out on the chances that influencer marketing presents, so I decided to publish a book detailing the why, how, and what’s next. In essence, it is the influencer marketing playbook that simply didn’t exist previously. Yes, this is my book, but I wouldn’t write and publish it if I didn’t think it was recommendable!

Superfans by Pat Flynn (2019)

Blogging & Marketing Books

In Superfans, you will find the essentials as to how to develop your business, improve your reach, and build a consistent group of people who adore your brand or business, and continually come back and act as champions of your products, services, or brand. While plenty of books on marketing and social media will teach you how to gain followers and increase engagement, Superfans asks you to go a step further and create a following that not only pops in once in a while to check on new products, or occasionally “like” a post, but consistently shares your content, points people to your brand, and essentially promotes your brand consistently and without charge. In Superfans, you are urged to become a figure of authority in your profession, establish trust between yourself and your clients or audience, and watch your business flourish as a result.

Participation Marketing by Michael Brito (2018)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Michael Brito’s Participation Marketing is a strong voice for mobilizing employee advocacy. Identifying the countless ways in which employee interactions outside of work impact the culture, connection, and marketing efforts of any brand or business, Brito provides actionable steps to improve your brand or company’s employee advocacy efforts, teaching you how to effectively use your employees’ interest and pride in their work to further your reach and improve your brand or business image. Participation Marketing is so named because Brito uncovers the reality of employee participation in marketing, whether it is intentional or not, and urges his audience to maintain a positive, engaging, and employee-driven culture, to improve not only the company’s reputation, but also their marketing targets and reach. Employee Advocacy is intended for enterprises with a devoted staff, but can be effective for even a two-or-three person operation.

The 4 Best LinkedIn & Social Selling Books

I have tried my best to give a collection of books that together will provide you a wealth of knowledge vis a vis using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Personal Branding by Sandra Long (2020)

Blogging & Marketing Books

No matter what you do on LinkedIn, all roads go back to your LinkedIn profile. That’s why it’s crucial for every outward-facing sales and marketing professional to have an optimized LinkedIn profile based on their unique branding. Fortunately, there is a book that helps the reader accomplish exactly that!

Sandra Long’s LinkedIn for Personal Branding is unique in its approach, as it views LinkedIn as a great branding tool, rather than solely a networking tool. Although LinkedIn is typically left out of social media marketing instructions, Long highlights why this is doing your brand or business a huge disservice, and demonstrates the immense potential in embracing LinkedIn to increase your social media marketing strategy and audience reach. With in-depth guides on how to use LinkedIn to build a compelling profile, market yourself or your brand, and improve your likelihood of coming up first in Google and LinkedIn searches, this is a great read for anyone who currently uses LinkedIn or is new to the platform, and is searching for a way to carry their branding further than standard social media markets like Facebook and Instagram.

60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery by Josh Steimle (2021)

Blogging & Marketing Books

If you are new to using LinkedIn, or you are not quite clear what to do with the network, 60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery may be an appropriate read for you. As the title suggests, Josh Steimle’s book is aimed to enable people who are not familiar with LinkedIn (or those who are not certain what to do with their existing account) sufficiently familiarize themselves with the site and what it has to offer. The book is separated into 60 segments, each of them offering a technique to utilize to master LinkedIn in less than 15 minutes, in order to create a LinkedIn profile that is providing the best possible avenue to maximize your LinkedIn profile for connecting with others in your field, networking appropriately, and creating content that will continue to drive people to your page and any pages or sites you may be affiliated with.

The LinkedIn Sales Playbook by Brynne Tillman (2017)

Blogging & Marketing Books

The LinkedIn Sales Playbook is less a playbook and more a compilation of LinkedIn webinars and advising sessions put together to generate a valuable piece of work to help LinkedIn users utilize the platform for selling over social media. Although LinkedIn is often used for networking, the platform can also be utilized to network with a specific aim in mind: sales. In Tillman’s book, the focus on optimizing your LinkedIn profile and practices depends on sales and making sure that your audience identifies you as a source of authority and expertise, and can come to you when a sales need arises.

This particular book is ideal for people who are looking to LinkedIn as another sales building tool, rather than exclusively a networking tool, or even a combination of networking and sales The focus on sales allows readers to approach their LinkedIn profile in an entirely unique way and develop their profiles and outreach efforts specifically to boost sales and encourage purchasing relationships.

Social Selling by Tim Hughes (2022)

Blogging & Marketing Books

In Social Selling: Techniques, readers engage relationship-building exercises, a current look at the decision-making process and advertised social network solutions. Social Selling is a step-by-step guide for marketers aiming to harness fresh talents, refurbish obsolete notions and gain a high-quality community.

By creating trust with online consumers, digital marketers can employ Social Selling’s developmental points when furthering partnerships. Unique to the book is a section on risk and governance—which warns digital marketers away from costly online moves with a wealth of applicable examples. Social Selling is a definite “win” in the thorough seller’s guide part, and it’s a wonderful choice for any digital marketer seeking evergreen guidance.

The 2 Best YouTube Books

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, YouTube, the second largest search engine, is as popular as ever and may have major impact on your digital marketing when done right. Mr. Beast”s Squid Games spinoff, which got as many views on YouTube in 8 days as did the actual series did on Netflix, is a reminder of the potential power that YouTube has not just for content creators but also businesses.

The YouTube Formula by Derral Eves (2021)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Eves is likely best recognized as one of the most successful YouTube how-to channel owners currently in existence, and his book surely delivers on wisdom and insight as a result. Eves breaks down the principles of YouTube’s algorithms to assist users learn how to efficiently construct a YouTube channel, from start to finish. Although you do not have to be a rookie to benefit from a comprehensive reading of The YouTube Formula, the book is meant to provide a step-by-step guide to beginning your own YouTube channel, including creating a name and developing an audience base.

In addition to addressing the basics of YouTube, Eves talks over how to generate content that will drive engagement and expand your following, while monetizing your channel and creating a stable audience base. In addition to drawing on his personal experiences on YouTube, Eves goes over case studies and other successful YouTube tales to further highlight the best techniques to boost YouTube reach and success.

YouTube Secrets by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis (2018)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Designed to provide a comprehensive guide to YouTube monetization and use, Sean Cannell and Benji Travis have compiled a book that thoroughly examines all of the possible avenues to monetize content on YouTube, taking a peek into the lives and habits of people who have successfully created YouTube followings, and identifying how six and seven figure earners were able to make their way to the top of the YouTube food chain. Alternately explanatory and actionable, YouTube Secrets provides a wealth of information for those new to the platform and seasoned veterans of YouTube, and offers a window into the inner workings of successful, monetized YouTube channels while offering straightforward actions to set you on the path toward YouTube success.

The 3 Best Customer Experience Marketing Books

I have heard some CMOs argue that Customer Experience is the final frontier for marketing, for as everything becomes commoditized, the only way to strategically differentiate ones offers is through the customer experience. With that in mind, these 3 books will provide you LOTS of food for thought as to your own customer’s journey and how you can utilize customer experience marketing in a positive way for your organization.

What Customers Crave by Nicholas Webb (2016)

Blogging & Marketing Books

The focus of this book is on the consumer, as the title suggests. Webb reminds out that connection, communication, and marketing have all evolved dramatically to match the shifting face of social media, and merely providing content is not enough to adequately meet the needs of your audience. Instead, you must study what it is that your audience likes, and what it is that your audience hates. Although this may seem like a bizarre concept, Webb points out that sustaining the interest of your audience requires keeping your eyes and ears open and developing a relationship with your existing and preferred audience. By consistently developing, taking input, and responding to that feedback, you can make sure that you are giving content, services, and service that your customers demand.

The Experience Maker by Dan Gingiss (2021)

Blogging & Marketing Books

The Experience Maker is a unique book on customer experience, because it hones emphasis on the value inherent in existing customers, rather than constantly focused on developing new customers. While many marketing and business publications focus on developing, expansion, and bringing in new leads, Gingiss advises readers to appreciate the value inherent in existing consumers, and create experiences with those customers that will keep them coming back for more again and again. Like social media and other marketing channel how-tos that encourage a heavy focus on customer experience, The Experience Maker urges readers to make sure their customers are receiving care and interaction that they are eager to share with others and, more importantly, value that keeps them coming back to the company or brand for more.

Essentially, Gingiss asserts, your existing customer base is a far more compelling and believable series of salespeople than a sales team that is hired out of the gate, because people will express their gratitude and excitement about products or companies naturally and organically, provided that they have an ideal experience.

Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing by Carla Johnson and Robert Rose (2015)

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For marketers, it’s tempting to perceive marketing as a giant race to see who can sell the most products. While that’s still true to some extent, the face of marketing has altered substantially in the previous several years. Since the increasing popularity of the Internet, individuals browse around for information about potential products before making a purchase. Even more recently, shoppers have begun to consider the purchase process as a “experience.” They want to feel “into” a brand before they choose what to buy, or if they want to buy at all. As a result, brands need to perceive their content marketing as a second “product” in order to win the game.

The 6 Best Personal Branding, Building Influence & Entrepreneurial Books

There are many entrepreneurs, present or future, that read my site, and for them I wanted to offer a selection of larger marketing books that go beyond social media into personal branding, influencing, and becoming an entrepreneur. Some of these books have more overlap with digital and social media marketing than others, but they are all suggested reading for putting the ideas you read from the previous books into tangible action!

Influencer by Brittany Hennessy (2018)

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In Influencer, Brittany Hennessy tackles the tricky topic of social media branding, and how to effectively utilize your life and lifestyle to grow a following, retain that following, and create a personal brand to draw the interest of your favorite companies, brands, and agents. Hennessy has worked in the field of social media from the first days of online influencers, and offers unique insights into how the industry has evolved—and continues to evolve—and teaches the most effective ways to fuse your passion for life and brand partnerships to create your own influencer brand. Hennessy’s book is great for anyone who are aiming to establish a personal brand, rather than a business-centric brand, and anyone wishing to utilize their existing lifestyle or social media presence.

Top of Mind by John Hall (2017)

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As the title of the book says, Hall’s book is mostly about how to remain top of mind, and why being at the top of people’s mind is crucial in business. Noting that companies are considered trustworthy and reliable most often when they are one of the first names or brands that come to mind when an industry or niche is thought about, Hall encourages marketers to develop meaningful relationships with their audience and to continually ask how they might provide service to others, and thereby cement their reputation as a trusted resource in their industry. Hall presents real-life examples to help establish content-driven connections that blossom and evolve over time.

KNOWN by Mark Schaefer (2017)

Blogging & Marketing Books

In KNOWN, Mark Schaefer examines the subject of how crucial it is to be known in business. While many people are eager to develop a personal brand and share that brand with the world, far too many brands are not genuinely known, or are not truly understood by their audiences or customers. Schaefer asserts that being known is what nets businesses, creators, and brands the most authentic connections and therefore the most authentic customers, and urges readers to make sure that they are developing a social media and digital marketing strategy that helps them be truly known, in order to maximize the reach, efficacy, and consistency of their business.

KNOWN blends case studies, personal experience, and personal tales to deliver the public a book that identifies the most effective strategy to take hold of your story online, and employ that story to establish trust, grow your brand or company reach, and develop consistent, loyal client bases.

The Common Path to Uncommon Success by John Lee Dumas (2021)

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John Lee Dumas is likely best known for his podcast on entrepreneurship, which serves as the basis for The Common Path to Uncommon Success. In it, Dumas goes over how to construct an entrepreneurial road map to reach your goals, based on the numerous interviews he has accumulated over the years on his podcast. From mistakes and errors to wild achievements, Dumas delineates how to find success in your business ambitions to create the life you’ve always desired.

Although the tips and guides offered in this book are certainly not a recipe against faltering or failing, it can act as a great reference guide for anyone interested in starting their own business or personal brand, without the hassle of going through old podcast notes, or re-reading the book itself. While some of the advice is aimed to encourage a better life generally, the primary focus of the book is entrepreneurial spirit, and is best used for individuals who are interested in beginning their own business or enterprise.

The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur by John Jantsch (2019)

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Especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur, it might be hard to slow down and reflect. As a business consultant, John Jantsch is familiar with the problem: workaholic entrepreneurs who lose their focus and quality of life through all the hustle. To help others, he published a different type of business book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur, which is a collection of inspirational insights and quotes. There’s one for every day of the year, including on leap year. In addition to his own thoughts, John takes liberally from the Transcendentalists of 200 years ago, whom he regards as demonstrating the current business spirit before their time. Best of all, the topics are often not business-related, even though they’re oriented at entrepreneurs and other busy professionals. Overall, the idea is to help you sit down and focus on your own emotional needs so you can trust yourself again, one day at a time. Most marketers I meet are entrepreneurs or have an entrepreneurial attitude in their profession. and hence I included this book on the list.

One Million Followers by Brendan Kane (2020)

Blogging & Marketing Books

Brendan Kane’s One Million Followers highlights the processes and practices Kane utilized to develop his social media following to over one million followers in under 30 days. Filled with insights, practical tips, and success stories, Kane brings plenty to the table when it comes to building influence across social media platforms, engaging meaningfully with followers, and creating content that will continue to encourage traffic to your brand and help you grow your sphere of influence. One Million Followers is a terrific read for individuals who are trying to not just collect a following, but keep that following engaged and invested in personal branding, from a real master of the craft, with huge names such as Taylor Swift and Vice under his belt.

What’s your favorite from this list of best marketing books? Any that are missing from this list? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Best Marketing Books FAQs

What are the finest books to read on marketing?

Here are the some of the top books to read on marketing:

  1. Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller
  2. Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk
  3. Marketing 4.0 by Philip Kotler
  4. This is Marketing by Seth Godin
  5. The Age of Influence by Neal Schaffer

What is the most effective marketing?

Any sort of marketing will be effective if done correctly. What I mean by correctly is that you are targeting the right audience and that everything you create is targeted towards your audience. What matters most is your audience. Your content should be aligned with your audience’s interests and should be delivered at the time your audience is most active. If you do that, you are relaying the message to them, getting them to engage with you, and potentially turning them into customers.

Who is the greatest marketer of all time?

The answer to this question is up for debate, but many would consider Philip Kotler, Seth Godin, or Gary Vaynerchuk the greatest marketer of all time.

What is the best way to learn marketing?

There are many ways and things you can do to learn marketing. I can think you can start with reading books and blogs about marketing, listening to podcasts that teach marketing, and even watching the YouTube channels of some marketers. And once you are ready to dive deep in, you can enroll in some courses that tackle different marketing aspects and possibly find where you want to focus more.

What are the 4 types of marketing?

The 4 types of marketing strategies are:

  1. Paid
  2. Cause
  3. Direct Selling
  4. Business to Customer

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