Best of 13 Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

Have you seen those TikTok/Instagram videos that have voices that obviously didn’t come from the content creator? They are presumably employing a TikTok/Instagram voice generator, a great application that harnesses AI and can make your short films all the more engaging and interesting.

TikTok/Instagram voice generators aren’t simply for pleasure, though; they also have a utilitarian purpose. Many people can’t use their true voices for TikTok/Instagram. Whether it’s due to a foreign accent, a lisp, or a medical problem, they just can’t provide quality audio for their listeners. Luckily, with AI TikTok/Instagram speech generators, this is now a thing of the past. By employing the tools included on this list, you can add professional-sounding voices and effects to your video files.

What is a TikTok/Instagram Voice Generator?

Whether you’re a huge marketing corporation or a little social media influencer, voice-generating tools might come in handy. Most of these speech tools utilize textual inputs to make professional-sounding voiceovers. Besides working for short TikTok/Instagram, you may use them for just about any social network.

The amazing thing about TikTok/Instagram voice changers is that most of them contain multiple voice styles and even voice actors. Just picture having Mr. Beast or Snoop Dogg as your Narrator. Alternatively, you can utilize these video editing tools for worldwide audiences, as they can translate your input into multiple languages.

When Would I Use a TikTok/Instagram Voice Generator?

There are numerous circumstances where you could utilize speech generators. Most notably, they are great for people with some form of speech difficulty or lisp. They’re also great for foreign users, as they can eliminate the accent or change text and audio files into different languages.

Another benefit of speech technology is that it allows you to alter your voice for different target audiences. They can communicate a certain emotion or send a message. With the power of memes, you can build universal messages that will resonate throughout different cultures.

For example, a boy voice generator would make your video material significantly cuter and more relatable. On the other hand, a cartoon voice generator is great for funny TikTok/Instagram videos. By playing with a range of voices, you can uncover wonderful combinations to enhance user engagement rates and turn ordinary TikTok/Instagram into popular films.

13 TikTok/Instagram voice Generators to Check Out

Nowadays, there are dozens of video editing applications that can create AI-generated voices. In fact, TikTok/Instagram even offers native platform editing capabilities, letting you make the necessary modifications within the platform. In the next section, I’ll review the greatest solutions on the market and what makes them so distinctive.

1. TikTok Native TikTok Voice Generator

One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

If you’re searching for a straightforward solution, you should check out the previously stated native platform editing tool. TikTok/Instagram features three English variants in a male or female voice. While the voice feature could appear a bit unimpressive, especially compared to other platforms, it’s a straightforward solution that removes a lot of leg work.

The native generator is excellent if you prefer TikTok/Instagram built-in video editor and produce posts on the fly. For example, video artists can record a TikTok/Instagram on their phones and instantly add speech on top of visual content. In my opinion, this makes it a better choice for content creators with a significant following and those who create live videos (as they usually don’t need heavy editing).

2. TikTok TTS

One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

A simple yet effective way to boost your content creation game is by using TikTok TTS. The platform is accessible online for free and allows you to turn textual inputs into a natural-sounding voice.

While the application works as intended, it has some severe downsides. First and foremost, it only permits you 300 characters of text. In other words, it won’t be of much use when generating lengthy entries.

Another difficulty with the TikTok voiceover generator is that it has a limited number of authentic voices. On top of that, you can’t make burned-in subtitles, something you can get with better software. Then, TikTok TTS is fast, effective, and lets you save money.

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One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram is the appropriate program for TikTok/Instagram makers. On its video editing page, you can make all sorts of adjustments to your posts. For example, you can introduce transitions, add various visual and vocal effects, format text, and incorporate AI-generated TikTok/Instagram subtitles.

Similarly, its voice generator offers a wide range of functions. The tool allows you to upload MP3 songs or type in your words, following which the generator produces material according to your input. Given the software’s sophistication, it’s little wonder you can place audio content wherever you feel like to synchronize it with action on the screen. gives different designs and languages to pick from. Once the software gets fresh audio content, you can speed it up or slow it down, chop it into smaller portions, or add voiceover. Besides the newly made audio clip, you may also add other sound files and effects to the video and incorporate background music.

4. Speechelo

One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

Unlike, Speechelo is far more specialized, turning your videos to life with stunning AI-generated TikTok/Instagram voices. Based on my testing, most of the voices seem fairly realistic; you won’t hear those off-putting robotic sounds that clearly show the employment of AI.

The platform allows you to choose between 30+ voices and three tones: neutral, serious, and cheerful. The thing that separates Speechelo is its inflection feature, which lets you adjust how AI delivers sentences by stressing certain keywords and areas of importance.

Another neat feature is the text corrector. In a word, once you copy-paste text into the software, Speechelo will automatically add punctuation and make other little changes so that the grammar doesn’t interfere with the finished outcome. Another element that makes spoken voices more genuine is the feature that adds breathing and pauses.

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5. Murf AI

One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

Another specialist speech tool on my list, Murf AI, offers a lot in terms of audio functionality. Besides the usual text-to-speech feature, the software also offers AI dubbing, AI translation, voice cloning, and voice over video, each valuable for TikTok/Instagram makers.

When making audio files, you can select from many prepared voice avatars that are tailor-made for particular marketing tasks. For example, you can choose the podcaster archetype or go with the marketer, customer support, instructor, and several other presets. If the templates aren’t adequate, there are 125+ more authentic voices in 20 languages to choose from.

Besides having fantastic voice technology, Murf AI offers several tools and possibilities for tailoring your output. TikTok/Instagramers can modify the voice pitch, insert interjections, make pauses, and speed up or down the voice delivery. Due to its collaboration capabilities and features, the platform is suitable for huge marketing teams but also for influencers that need outside aid.

6. Speechify

One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

The thing I enjoy about Speechify is its adaptability. You can choose from a list of 200+ voices encompassing more than 60 international languages. As with many other programs, you may also change the tone, or you can clone your own voice and reuse it for AI generation. The last option is especially appealing for established TikTok/Instagramers who have developed a raspy voice or some other problem.

Speechify allows you granular control over all outputs. You can fine-tune the recording by inserting pauses, stressing certain words, and, overall, optimizing the audio flow. As if that wasn’t enough, you have access to more than 8,000 soundtracks that may be used to enhance your output.

But there’s another addition worth noticing that drastically transforms the tool’s utility. Besides the soundtracks, you also gain access to various stock pictures and movies. That way, you can generate material within Speechify without relying on external tools.


One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

Based on the tools I’ve tested, I believe that is the most versatile tool on the market. When using the text-to-speech tool, you can choose from a large library of 800+ voices in 130+ languages and accents. As if that wasn’t enough, you also receive numerous customization feature options, allowing you to adjust pace, style, and tone.

If you wish to preserve brand continuity, there’s also a cloning tool that can mimic just about any voice. The clients also receive access to various use cases with amazing presets for different channels and situations. Among others, there’s a TikTok/Instagram option that lets you make speech recordings tailor-made for this platform.


One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

Similar to, is incredibly adaptable, featuring more than 500 voices in more than 100 languages. Besides the conventional text-to-speech features, you also receive access to an AI writer, AI voices, an AI art creator, voice cloning, and an online video editor. In other words, you receive all the tools necessary to generate TikTok/Instagram from start to finish.

The feature that separates the software is its rich media library. You may access a wide number of royalty-free photos, which can be leveraged to enhance your TikTok/Instagram content. Through API access, you can integrate and adapt the tool for your individual needs.

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9. Elevenlabs

One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

ElevenLabs has a relatively unique feature in the speech-to-speech converter that enriches your audio content with the voices of professional voice actors. Each voice avatar has allocated tags, indicating the language, the tone, and the optimum use case. That way, you may simply locate the voice for your particular need.

Before generating an audio file, you can change stability, clarity, and stylistic exaggeration. Users can also include pauses at important junctures, distinguishing between distinct parts of the file. Another thing I appreciate about ElevenLabs is its online reader; you can use this tool to rapidly turn any web content into a flawless voice file.

10. Countik

One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

If you’re looking for a specific TikTok/Instagram tool, you should certainly check out Countik. The thing that separates this software from the rest is the fact that it’s entirely free.

The platform provides various helpful tools tailor-made for this platform. For example, you may use it to check out trending music, creators, and subjects, which is excellent for content research. After that, you can utilize a video downloader, money calculator, analytics suite, hashtag generator, follower counter, and, of course, voice generator.

As for its voice feature, it only offers ten languages: one female voice and four male voices. While this could be rather underwhelming, we shouldn’t forget that the program is entirely free.

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11. Descript

One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

Descript includes a wealth of tools and capabilities that are suitable for TikTok/Instagram video creators. Besides recording and podcasting capabilities, it also has a video editing suite and clip production tool.

The video editing suite allows you full control over your content creation process. You can move around different elements, alter the duration of your videos, and introduce various effects.

As for this voice tool, you can clone your own voice or choose from a variety of varied presets. While the amount of audio creation possibilities is rather limited compared to specialized voice programs, you’ll nevertheless acquire loads of value if we take into account amazing video editing tools.

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12. Listnr

One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

Listnr features a vast library of voices with 900+ avatars. Given that it comes in 142 languages, the program will let you produce TikTok/Instagram for just about any foreign audience. The software can parse big texts and blog entries, turning vast portions into well-delivered audio files.

Although this isn’t necessarily a voice feature, I appreciated Listnr’s text-to-video capability. The program allows you to generate wholesome TikTok/Instagram films with minimal effort, which can be further supplemented with AI voices.

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One of The Best Voice Generators For TikTok/Instagram

The wonderful thing about is that it can change your audio into just about any AI voice. The best part yet is that the presets are grouped based on use cases, so you can choose the suitable avatar for your marketing content. 

If you’re not content with your original audio file, there’s also a separator tool that breaks different tracks. For example, you can have a separate track for background music and a separate one for your voice. Similarly, you can apply an echo remover to erase any unpleasant sounds in the rear.


My idea is to go down this list and test as many tools as possible. Given that most of these apps have unique characteristics, the tools your friends are using might not be suitable for you. So, if you’re serious about your TikTok/Instagram audio, you should consider purchasing one of these great digital solutions.

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