Get More Views on YouTube Using These 10 Simple Steps in 2024

When using YouTube, marketers are typically eager to reach as many people as They Can. After all, you Gain Greater visibility the more YouTube views you Receive.

Although it’s not the sole indicator of your YouTube Marketing Success, getting a respectable amount of views on your videos is something you should absolutely aim for. Uploading a video if no one would watch it, especially your target demographic, seems pointless, don’t you think?

I recognize that you might be hesitant to use YouTube. Who really wants to become an expert content creator on yet another platform? But if you haven’t already, it makes perfect sense for your company to join YouTube.

Every month, 2.9 billion people use YouTube worldwide. Although I can’t promise you success, it’s possible that some members of your target market will visit the platform given its large population from a variety of backgrounds. It would be best to meet them there.

Would you like some more persuasion? Consider this study. Google discovered that 40% of buyers purchased a product after seeing it on YouTube.

But simply uploading content is insufficient; you are wasting your time if you aren’t receiving views on YouTube. If you don’t have views, you’re losing out on new chances to interact with your audience (this post contains some advice if you want some easy wins to boost engagement).

We’re going to look at several strategies in this post to help you increase your YouTube views.

We’ll go over some long-term basics as well as some cutting-edge strategies you may use to gain more immediate results with your target market.

You should feel very confident about what you need to do to get more YouTube views by the end of this piece.

What Does a YouTube View Count?

I have to be clear about something before continuing: what constitutes a YouTube view?

You should be aware that YouTube views are contingent upon a viewer spending a minimum of thirty seconds on a video.

An further important point to remember is that watching a video requires the viewer’s intentionality. They’ve clicked through to it, for instance.

As long as the video is watched for 30 seconds, rewatching a video counts against your YouTube view total.

Now that you understand that, let’s go on to some advice on how to begin drawing viewers.

Outstanding Video Content Increases YouTube Views

It’s the best practice for any platform, and it holds true here as well. You need to post excellent material on YouTube if you want to get more views.

Of course, you may merely hit “publish” after uploading a video with no important lessons learned. That would spread the word about your stuff, but because it wouldn’t be worth sharing, why even bother?

What makes excellent content?

  • First and foremost, you need visually captivating content, such as excellent video or imaginative animations. Whatever you decide, make sure it grabs and maintains the interest of the audience. Many tools are available to assist in producing videos that seem professional, such as InVideo.
  • Think about your audio quality second. Nobody enjoys watching a video with distorted or muted audio. Make sure background noise is kept to a minimal and that your voice is understandable.
  • Lastly, consider the main narrative that your video aims to convey. Does it provide information? Interesting? Motivating? What message do you wish to send? Whatever it is, make sure your video is coherent and has a smooth transition from start to finish.

It gets much simpler to get more views for your videos if you can accomplish that. To start with, people are more inclined to share your movies on social media if they are of higher quality.

I can’t tell you exactly what to do to make incredible videos, and I can’t guarantee you thousands of views on YouTube because I don’t know your audience or your business.

I can assure you that great material offers very high levels of value.

It’s crucial to avoid getting sidetracked when trying to produce excellent material in order to increase your YouTube views.

Concerns over production quality and content length are common.

Indeed, there may be some significance to the duration of the content. But even if a one-hour film is very helpful, are you really going to quit viewing it? Most likely not.

It’s actually important to keep in mind that a YouTube session lasts, on average, 29 minutes and 37 seconds.

Value is more important than anything else for search results, especially for excellent production quality. If you provide quality, viewers will stick around. As an illustration, consider this:

A screenshot of the search page on YouTube.
Thus, keep in mind that you shouldn’t worry too much about content length on this social network.

Step 1: The Quality of the Video Doesn’t Affect YouTube Views

A growing number of businesses are making investments in YouTube. These companies frequently generate slick, well-produced videos, but you are under no obligation to adopt their strategy.

You see, YouTube is usually pretty lenient when it comes to high-quality content; your films don’t have to be flawless. When you get some traction with your videos, it’s time to consider investing in high-end camera gear and production to increase your YouTube views.

But first, simply make sure you cover the fundamentals. As an illustration, if you’re making a:

  • Make sure the audio is crisp and everything is well-lit in the “talking head” video.
  • Make sure the audio is audible and the resolution is high while recording a screen grab video.
  • slideshow, design something basic and visually intriguing. On your slides, focus on the visuals and leave the text simple. For this, you can utilize a tool such as Haiku Deck. Having a unique thumbnail also aids in brand recall.

Step 2: Put Value First Among All Elements for More YouTube Views

Recall that your first goal should be to provide value when it comes to obtaining YouTube views.

You must gain more knowledge about your audience, and in particular, about their preferences, if you wish to understand how to add value. You might be curious in how to discover the kind of material that appeals to your target audience. Simple: Just peruse the material in your area of interest.

There are several methods you can use.

Examining blog entries that have performed successfully in your niche is the first step. Next, use those blog post ideas as the basis for really educational movies.

Buzzsumo is a useful tool for finding such Blog Entries. Enter your Term, Hit Search, and a plethora of possibilities will appear.

As an alternative, you can improve your own films by studying those that have performed successfully on YouTube in your niche. Examine the kind and volume of content that your rivals are posting on their YouTube account

When you use previous videos as inspiration and are an authority in your field, making high-caliber videos shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you are having trouble, though, pause and consider how the other video might have been made better. As an illustration:

  • Did it miss something that mattered after all?
  • Did certain parts of the video not clearly explain themselves?
  • Did the video leave out any information about case studies or real results?
  • Was the tempo too quick or too slow?
  • Was there insufficient or too much information displayed on the screen?
  • Would a point have been better illustrated without diagrams?
  • Perhaps you could have added some information?

Take a look at the comments area as well. The views of other viewers can be very insightful; they will often express if they thought the video was incomplete or might have been improved in some other way.

And lastly, how about using the YouTube search engine to generate ideas for new content?

Let’s say I run a business where I teach peoples how to make ponds or build them one for them, and I want to get into content marketing.

Simply typing “how to build a pond” into the “YouTube Search box” will let the Autosuggest feature and YouTube’s algorithm to take care of the rest.

An image of the YouTube search engine with the term “how to build a pond” entered
Since not every suggestion is pertinent, I might choose the first one and see what more “Autosuggest” brings up.

I’m given some useful suggestions if I choose the “how to build a pond in your backyard” option.

A screenshot of YouTube’s search engine with “how to build a pond in your backyard” entered in.
If I want to think of even more ideas for videos, I can then go through that process again with different keywords.

After deciding on a “base” term, it could also be a good idea to run through the alphabet once more.

I type “how to build a pond a” this time.

A screenshot of YouTube’s search engine with “how to build a pond a” entered in.
As you can see, there are a lot of interesting video ideas here. I can utilize those to produce extremely specialized video content for the social media site that appeals to a particular group of people.

If you already have a YouTube following, think about finding out what topics they would like you to write about next.

The majority of the time, your audience will bring you useful ideas.

The best part about these video concepts is that you can be certain there is a market for them if you implement them.

You should have less trouble getting organic views if you have done a fantastic job of producing excellent content that caters to people’s requirements. This is because authoritative content, viewer contentment, personalization, and the performance of the video are all significant ranking signals as a result of a recent modification to YouTube’s algorithm.

As a result, there’s a considerable probability that your films will rank higher if they offer a fantastic user experience.

Step 3: Make Your Videos More Viewable on YouTube

Making sure your video is optimized can help guarantee that it shows up in the right places and at the right times, including search results and “related video” recommendations.

There are four things you need to consider if you want to improve your video.

  • Headline/Title
  • Tags
  • Discription
  • Thumbnail

It’s tempting to overthink things and overanalyze everything, so keep things straightforward and concentrate on the four points mentioned above.

Step 4: Create More Catchy YouTube Videos

It’s imperative that you avoid using clickbait-style headlines in the title. You’ll inevitably receive a lot of disgruntled viewers if the video’s substance doesn’t live up to the title.

If you centered your video around a term, make sure the title makes it obvious that your video discusses the topic at hand.

For instance, my title for a movie I made based on the essential phrase “how to bake a chocolate cake for beginners” may be…

Beginner’s Guide to Baking Chocolate Cake: 5 Minutes to Cleanup

Note: You may want to consider researching your audience’s dislikes or phobias related to the subject matter if you want to produce captivating titles.

People might be concerned about the cost of baking a cake and the difficulty of cleanup in the aforementioned situation. If I address that in the title, the video becomes much more appealing.

Step 5: Apply Tags on YouTube

Put a few keywords in the tags that are associated with the subject of your video. Using the “chocolate cake” example from before, our YouTube tags might resemble this:

Don’t use more than ten or twelve tags in each video. You will dilute the data in search results and lose your target audience

When someone is watching a similar video, selecting the appropriate tags will help your video show up in the “suggested videos” area.

Let’s now examine the description.

Step 6: Write a Precise, Well-Optimized YouTube Bio

It’s imperative that you avoid attempting to “outsmart” Google while crafting the description. Put differently, avoid stuffing your content with keywords and don’t rely on any “tricks” you may come across.

Your video can wind up being overly optimized, which could have the opposite impact.

Your goal in writing the description is to make it abundantly evident what the video is about and what viewers can expect to learn from it.

You can see that there is a lot of variance in the descriptions of the top results that appear when searching for a YouTube video.

This is due to the fact that, as was already noted, user experience also has a significant impact on the video’s ranking; therefore, while creating a description is crucial, don’t worry too much about doing it “perfectly.”

Having said that, important things to concentrate on are placing your link at the top of the video, incorporating a keyword within the first 25 words and using it three to four times, and attempting to stay inside the 250 word limit.

This is an illustration of a description.

Screenshot of an example YouTube description to increase views on the platform
But as I mentioned before, the descriptions of the top-ranking movies all have a tendency to employ different styles. It’s not required of you to do as stated above.

Just explain the background of your video, the topics it covers, and the lessons viewers will take away from it.

Note: To enhance the user experience, think about include “timestamps” in your description so that viewers may navigate to the most engaging parts of a movie fast.

Step 7: Optimizing YouTube Thumbnails

You have several options for how to approach the thumbnail. In this piece, I’ve gone over how to make interesting YouTube thumbnails. A personalized thumbnail integrates with the branding of your media outlet.

You may generally play around with the following.

  • Use images of people in your custom thumbnail
  • Make changes to your thumbnail by adding text overlay with a term related to the subject matter of your Video.
  • Add a picture that highlights a fascinating part of the video, such as the conclusion of a “how-to video.”

Make Sure Combining some of the aforementioned strategies will usually enable you to produce the finest outcomes.

Here’s an illustration of how to use an eye-catching picture with pertinent text overlay.

a screenshot of a picture with text overlay to boost views on YouTube
The custom thumbnail isn’t that dramatic, as you can see. It has an image from an intriguing part of the video along with some text that is relevant to the video’s keyword.

This is an illustration of how to use a person’s picture with text overlay and potentially even the desired “end result.”

Take a screenshot of a human and text-filled image to get more views on YouTube.
Of course, this is one where you should experiment. However, those two instances along with the given advice ought to be sufficient to show you what typically functions nicely.

Step 8: Test Different Ads to Increase YouTube Views

Here, advertisements could seem like a bit of a cop-out. I understand; you might not want to shell out cash to compete for views on YouTube.

One of the greatest methods to get the proper amount of views for your videos, though, is to run YouTube advertisements.

You may ensure that your desired audience sees your video by using YouTube Ads to target them.

On this social networking platform, a lot of the Guesswork is Removed From the Process.

You may quickly determine Whether or not you have a Compelling video by running Advertisements, which Gives you Instant feedback on how well your video is doing.

Regarding the approach you’re using to actually generate videos, you’ll know you’re on the correct track if you Discover that viewers are staying through to the End and sharing your content Frequently.

How Should I Start?

There are basically two types of advertisements that you may run on YouTube.

  1. “Instream Ads” are advertisements that show up either before or during a user’s YouTube video viewing.
  2. Ads that display in the YouTube Search listings or Search Listing Ads.

It’s advisable that you Try Both.

Find videos in your niche that are relevant to your particular video topic by using YouTube Search. Note the URLs of the videos you find.

Next, use the placements option to target certain videos.

Suppose I was launching a baking instruction company and I had just finished making a cake-baking instructional film.

I go to YouTube and search for “cake baking.”

I then input these URLs into my ad targeting configuration.

Naturally, not all of the listed videos have “monetization” enabled, which means that not all of them allow for the display of advertisements.

On the other hand, you ought to have a strong delivery to your intended audience if you begin with a list of ten to fifteen films.

It goes without saying that you need to target some keywords if you want to advertise within the YouTube Search listings.

Utilize the YouTube search box to locate pertinent keywords, then:

  • Add a keyword that clarifies the subject matter of your video. Next, make a list of further pertinent keywords that “autosuggest” suggests.
  • As you can see below, I’m given relevant keywords to target when I type in “how to bake a cake.”

Some that would be worthwhile for me to look into are highlighted.

Note: It is assumed that I am instructing people on how to make a basic cake. That’s the reason I went with those really simple terms.

I simply choose the perfect keyword and hit the “spacebar” to target even more relevant keywords.

Additionally, I’m given even more keywords to focus on.

You can also search through the alphabet to uncover more pertinent keywords, as I already indicated.

After that, all I have to do is write down these keywords in a Google Doc and enter them when I create my ad targeting.

Step 9: Get Everywhere to Promote Your YouTube Video

You’re not limited to using YouTube to promote your video just because you made one.

Include links to your other digital assets, such as your Facebook page, email list, and other social media platforms, on your YouTube material.

You might even want to send them an email informing them that you’ve made something they might find interesting if you know of any influencers who would find your video helpful.

Think about sharing a little video or link in your Instagram stories.

Never be scared to introduce yourself and your unique skills to the world.

Step 10: Develop a Subscriber Base to Boost YouTube Views

Increasing your subscriber base will help you receive more views on YouTube for your future videos.

Your videos will automatically receive a significant number of views as soon as you submit them if you can acquire subscribers. Should these views indicate a positive user experience, your video may do well in terms of ranking as well.

I’ve discussed ways to increase your YouTube subscriber count here.

In addition to producing high-quality material, there are important actions you can do to increase your subscriber count.

Mention at the opening and closing of your video how subscribing to it helps it reach more individuals in your social network.

People could be more likely to act if it is said aloud.

Another thing you may do is try to provide content on a regular basis.

You may increase the number of ways that people can find your material by making additional videos. Naturally, this can increase the number of your subscribers.

Additionally, it makes individuals want to subscribe because they’ll be interested in hearing about your upcoming content releases.

It should be noted that if you are able to produce “Evergreen content,” your work will benefit you in the long run because people will find it useful even years from now.

This means that the video will generate YouTube views and subscribers, long after its creation.

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