Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Email Marketing is still Relevant Today.

Sending out Emails to Subscribers and Clients should be a Frequent Practice.

However, with so many content marketing techniques in use today, it’s possible that you’ve become distracted from email by the latest fads.

This is an error.

Email marketing is still successful today.

It’s time to reassess your strategy if your present email campaigns are Failing to get the Desired Results.

Users should be engaged by your Emails.

Which method works best for this?

Boost Communication amongst people.

The number of interactive emails is rising in 2017.

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

Examine the information in this Graph.

In terms of email trends for 2017, interactivity comes in first place.

If you’re not using this idea in your Email campaigns, it can be the cause of your inability to get results from Email Marketing initiatives.

Remain calm.

You still have time to become familiar with the fundamentals of interactive Email.

Emails are still what your consumers want to receive.

Ensuring that the correct emails are reaching them is your responsibility.

This is what I mean.

Customers may unsubscribe from your emails or flag them as spam if they don’t see any value in receiving them.

You can use interaction to improve their experience.

Additionally, it is imperative that every message you send is mobile-friendly.

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

Mobile devices are used to open nearly half of emails.

If it’s not optimized, more than two-thirds of mobile consumers will discard your email.

When you are crafting an interactive message, have this information in mind.

Even if your topic and content are excellent, it won’t matter if your subscribers simply disregard the communication.

You need to make sure that all of your interactive emails are mobile-friendly.


I’ll walk you through the top 12 strategies for making your Emails More Interactive.

1. Employ real-time advertising.

Real-time marketing, to put it briefly, includes current circumstances and happenings.

You wish to follow up with your customer on a potential new sales opportunity.

The tactic persuades the customer to behave after a specific engagement.

Integrate this idea into your email marketing plan.

I’ll explain with an example.

Moveable Ink contributed to a 123% boost in click-through rates for Delta.


They distributed interactive emails with in-the-moment promotion.

Here is an email sample.

Following the booking of a flight, airlines can communicate this to their consumers.

The consumer is provided with up-to-date information regarding the available seats on the flight.

They have the opportunity to close one more deal now.

Yes, their client may simply choose a different seat at the same cost.

They can favor an aisle or a window.

However, customers can also choose to go first class or get a seat with more legroom.

The buyer finds it simpler to choose thanks to this tactic.

An alternative would be to message them with the words, “Click here to change your seat.”
It would direct them to your website, where they would need to first check in and confirm a few details before proceeding.

There are too many steps there.

The customer has too many opportunities to decide they do not wish to upgrade to a better seat.

The email that is interactive is considerably easier.

Select a seat after opening the email.

That is all.

To improve email interaction, think about implementing this real-time marketing technique.

2. Include surveys, polls, and Reviews.

Surveys are excellent.

As I’ve already mentioned, surveys can be an excellent component of your outstanding customer service plan.

You can create an interactive email survey in place of sending out a survey link.

This is an excerpt from an email sent by Expedia.

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

Have you noticed that this message is mobile-friendly?

That was one of the things we talked about before.

Let’s concentrate on this email’s interactive sections.

The client has begun responding to inquiries already.

They have previously indicated a happy face for their check-in procedure at the top.

They had now decided that their accommodations did not satisfy them.

Upon selecting the dejected face, a fresh prompt appears.

“What didn’t you like?” it asks.”

The client has choices to make.

Considering how easy it is to complete, this survey is doing a lot.

  1. You are learning a great deal about your client.
  2. You’re receiving comments regarding the goods and services you provide.
  3. The rate at which emails are clicked through is rising.

In the end, this improves the clientele’s overall experience.

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

It demonstrates to your clients your concern.

This is a crucial matter.

The primary cause of a customer’s departure from a business is their perception that the latter does not value their business.

They will see, via your survey, that their voices are being heard.

Even more crucial is how simple it is to complete the survey.

They just have to open their email.

There’s no need to visit any third-party websites or click on any links.

Within the email message, the user can answer a survey right from their phone.

Clicks and interaction are increased as a result.

3. Include Unusual Activities, such as Scratch Cards.

Think about collaborating with Zembula.

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

They are experts in creating interactive email content.

People are naturally intrigued.

By taking advantage of this idea, you may increase the number of clicks on your email campaigns.

Encourage your clients to participate in order to learn about the deal, rather than only sending them an email with a discount.

This is what I mean.

Zembula offers many interesting ways to display deals.

  1. Notch
  2. Slice
  3. Zip
  4. Tears
  5. Draw
  6. Slide
Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

Examine the aforementioned instances.

A few are promotional deals, but the exact amounts of the savings are hidden.

To see the discount, the buyer must use their finger to unzip the garment.

Alternatively, they must remove the locked image.

It fosters communication.

Additionally, these campaigns are a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out from the crowd.

People get 88 emails a day on average.

Your clients are accustomed to receiving sales emails and dull content.

These are the more engaging emails—the ones that can boost interaction.

Additionally, they pique the customer’s curiosity.

Here’s another Forever 21 illustration.

Consumers can uncover a discount by scratching a square on their phone.

With this, your clients may amuse themselves.

It resembles a lottery ticket or scratch-off ticket.

Which circle offers the largest savings?

To find out, they have to scratch.

The next time you give your consumers a promotional message, try including this theme.

4. Include Menus.

Your Website Undoubtedly has Menus.

Why not include Some in your Emails, Then?

Including a menu in your interactive emails helps increase click-through rates.

It’s yet another excellent method of driving traffic.

Let’s examine an illustration.

In the business, the option listed above is referred to as a “hamburger menu.”


It looks like a triple-stacked burger or a burger sandwiched between two buns.

In either case, your clients have the choice to click on it.

The menu will function exactly like it does on your website.

Content descends and provides the user with navigation choices.

You can fit more content into your emails in a smaller amount of space by adding menus.

By displaying additional alternatives through the menu interface, you may avoid making your clients scroll in order to read all of your content.

It is easy to use but effective.

There are more ways to achieve this besides hamburger menus.

You can design your emails to resemble the design of your website, as demonstrated by Kiehl’s example.

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

This menu has the exact same design as a standard webpage.

However, it’s right in an email.

Additionally, it is mobile device-optimized.

With this arrangement, Kiehl’s produced a really straightforward design.

Customers will be encouraged to click and explore the email as a result.

Compared to simply sending a message with a link to your website, this is far more effective.

5. Employ accordions.

Another kind of menu that promotes and heightens interaction is an accordion.

It’s a fantastic method of fitting a lot of information into a condensed area without requiring scrolling.

Also It’s easy to add an accordion to your messages if you don’t know how.

It’s possible that this function isn’t an option in the customer contact software you’re using.

It’s alright.

To create and include your accordion design in your emails, you can collaborate with an outside party.

Look for a business similar to Email Monks.

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

They can assist you with designing your accordion menu and are experts in email interactivity.

These menus are made by email monks using CSS3.

The term cascading style sheets is CCS.

I won’t annoy you with the specifics of the coding.

To be honest, you don’t even need to know how to code to apply this to your platform.

They’ll take care of everything.

Simply adhere to the guidelines to include the accordions in your current email program.

This is an illustration of what an accordion looks like when it is operating.

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

Once more, it reduces the necessity for scrolling and greatly facilitates the reader’s access to your content.

These menus need to be mobile phone optimized, as usual.

Examine the picture up top.

See how easy it is, really?

Consider what kind of menu items you can include on your accordion.

6. Make use of videos.

Videos are a useful tool for drawing in clients and subscribers.

There are numerous chances for videos to transmit various kinds of content.

To stay informed about news in the sector, consider employing an educational video to update your subscribers.

An instructional “how-to” video is another kind of video that you can employ.

Promote new goods and services with videos.

Sending a link to your website or YouTube channel is not as simple for customers as including a video directly in your email message.


There is less labor.

All they have to do is click “play” after opening the message.

Here’s an illustration.

Take a look at how tidy this Patagonia email is.

Simple and direct to the point.

The reader will be persuaded to watch the video by the message.

More videos from content marketers are desired by 43% of customers.

Almost half of consumers research products and services through videos on the internet before visiting a story.

Email marketing has a low cost and a high return on investment.

Success is guaranteed when these two tactics are used together.

You should start using video marketing if you’re not already.


It’s what your rivals are doing.

Check out these figures.

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

The production of videos does not have to be outsourced.

Purchase your own gear and record videos in your space.

Ensure that the videos are interesting to view.

People’s attention spans aren’t the longest.

More than half of the videos released in the past year had a duration of under two minutes.

When producing your content, you ought to keep that identical time period in mind.

Merely 37% of viewers see an entire video through.

How does that inform you?

Start strong by grabbing their interest and addressing the most crucial points first.

Your email marketing efforts will interact with your customers more when you include videos in them.

7. Include GIFs.

Add GIFs to the texts you send.

You’ve probably heard a variety of pronunciations of this term, but GIF stands for graphics interchange format.

It isn’t a picture or a movie.

GIFs are categorized between the two.

Feel Unique used GIFs in one of their most recent email marketing initiatives, as shown below.

The subscriber’s attention is drawn in by the GIF.

It is uncomplicated yet distinctive.

Its goal is to boost user engagement and promote interactivity.

Let’s examine yet another Netflix GIF.

Increase Interactivity of Emails: Best of 12 Ways Explained

Customers of Netflix were sent this GIF as a way to advertise the upcoming season of “House of Cards.”

Compared to a still image, it has more impact.

It’s shorter than a video, though.

GIFs are a novel approach to interacting more with your audience and boosting their involvement.

8. Put a Personal touch

With your clients, you should always strive to be personal.

I’ve provided examples of how to accomplish this in your email campaigns.

Employ strategies such as:

  1. Referring to the reader by name
  2. Using your personal email address to send messages
  3. putting your signature on every message

But how can an interactive email be made more personalized?

It’s easy.

Send messages to your clients regarding a certain aspect of their dealings with your company.

This is a fantastic chance to increase revenue.

Try posting a notice about a shopping cart that has been abandoned.

Additionally, you can email suggestions for products.

You can figure out which products are best for a consumer based on their past purchases and browsing activity.

It’s easy.

Assume a client has been purchasing goods from your online store for a full year.

They consistently purchase jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and t-shirts.

The client has never looked at or bought shorts, jeans, or pants.

Thus, send them a customized email with recommendations for things they’ve already purchased.

Customization fosters a relationship with your clients.

It will tempt them to click and promote communication.

9. Make use of real-time shopping carts.

Let us investigate that last idea in more detail.

You can make a live shopping cart instead of just encouraging your consumers to finish their checkout.

Permit the user to make purchases directly from the message.

Here’s an example to demonstrate how it functions.

Take a look at JackThreads’ live shopping cart.

The email itself is simple to use and navigate.

In real time, the price, tax, and discount are updated in the cart.

It’s a cunning marketing move.

Include a discount and send a cart abandonment email.

A discount might be an incentive to complete the deal because the consumer may have initially abandoned their cart due to the price.

This is a fantastic method to increase conversions from checkout pages.

10. Add to Calendar options Should be included.

Do you want your email click-through rates to increase?

Provide your subscribers with something to click on, then.

When promoting an event to your consumers via email, don’t forget to include a link that allows them to mark the event in their calendar.

This is how it seems.

Here’s another straightforward yet powerful message to boost interaction:.

Additionally, this feature will remind your customer about the occasion.

They might simply forget about it if they don’t put it on their calendar.

It’s unrealistic to expect users to manually add it as well.

Not only will this straightforward button boost interaction, but it may also improve attendance at your event.

11. Make use of interactive images.

We talked about GIFs and videos earlier.

However, what about pictures?

Yes, we are also able to incorporate photographs into our communications.

Just be sure to include interactive elements as well.

Let’s examine yet another illustration.

This email was distributed to Pret’s clientele.

Rather than simply transmitting a picture of a drink, they enhanced the image to become interactive.

It promotes user interaction.

Which flavor is your favorite?

To fill the cup, click on any of the four available options.

This has a very strong visual impression.

Cravings may arise from watching the customer’s preferred flavor fill the cup.

This desire may result in more sales of drinks.

12. Encourage discussion through forums

Is there a message board or forum on your website?

How do you encourage your clients to make contributions?

Send a conversational email.

A fantastic place for open communication among community members is a forum.

Additionally, they are the ideal place for you to interact and communicate with your subscribers.

Your forums are useless components of your website if they are not being used.

Try promoting the conversation with an email similar to this one.

This example provides the subscriber with more options than just a link to the main forum page.

Every choice can be predicated on a certain subject they would rather talk about.

Do they require assistance?

Does the client wish to make a contribution?

Can they come up with creative ideas?

The user is presented with options.

This kind of interactive email can be used to increase website visitors.

In the end, more traffic can result in higher conversion rates.

In summary

E-mail marketing is a successful strategy.

Just make sure your approach doesn’t become stale.

To make these messages more interactive, add a few things.

Allow your clients to comment on reviews, polls, and surveys.

Upsell a recent purchase by utilizing real-time marketing strategies.

Never undervalue an email’s visual impact.

You may Use:

  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Pictures

Make your consumers’ experience special.

Rather than merely offering a discount, pique their interest.

Allow them to disclose a promotional offer by making them pull, scratch, or slide within the message.

Send a follow-up email to an abandoned cart as an example of how to personalize communications.

Take abandoned carts to a new level.

Include a live shopping cart in the email you send to your clients.

They will have less work to do to finish the checkout procedure with this method.

Including accordions, menus, and add-to-calendar features are excellent ways to boost click-through Rates.

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