Increasing Sales of Your Store: 22 Creative Ways

You Know How To Increasing Sales of Your Store? Here Are 22 Creative Ways For You

You’re on the correct track if your goal is to boost sales.

The secret to any successful business is increasing revenue. But you’ll get more than just a sudden surge in income.

There is exponential value in increasing sales.

Monetate’s analysis indicates that regular customers are five times more valuable than those who shop there for the first time.

You have the power to drastically alter how your consumers engage with you by building on that initial sale with more sales.

Making as many initial sales as you can is essential. After that, you should work to improve your funnel in order to effectively sell to both new and existing clients.

I’ll walk you through 22 innovative strategies to start growing your online sales in this post.

Now let’s get going!

1. Remove the sliders From your Homepage.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest web design hints, you’ve undoubtedly thought of using a slider picture on your homepage.

It’s a well-liked action with some advantages.

You may showcase a variety of features and items, and it appears to be a friendly method to introduce new viewers to the stuff you have available.

But you should get rid of it right away if you want to boost sales.

Research has not been done to support the claim that it boosts sales, and a large body of evidence points to the contrary—that it confuses and alienates customers.

Users were unable to discern the washer discount when Siemens tested their revolving carousel because the image changed too quickly.

Fortunately, this was just a test, and Siemens’ lesson can be applied to us.

Use that valuable above-the-fold area on your homepage to promote your one most important message rather than adding a massive spinning carousel or shifting slider.

People are drawn to activities that they find enjoyable.

We refer to this straightforward psychological concept as the bandwagon effect. People see a group of people that are similar to them as subject matter experts.

For this reason, advertising slogans like “America’s #1 brand” and “recommended by most doctors” are used frequently.

These claims impact our decisions and provide social proof for the product. With our decisions, they also foster a feeling of connection among us.

If others have chosen the same option as us, we reason, we are less likely to make a bad choice.

You should link to your price page’s most popular plan or option in order to take advantage of this effect. Don’t hesitate to heavily advertise it.

On their pricing page, AdEspresso makes it apparent which plan is the most popular.

One of their “most popular!banner, made it larger, and altered the option’s overall color.

3. Put your contact details in there as well.

If your business is B2B, the best way to boost sales can be a straightforward one you never would have thought of.

Unexpectedly, one of the most prevalent complaints voiced by prospective clients is the lack of comprehensive contact details.

Contact information is the one thing that buyers most frequently discover missing from vendor websites, according to data gathered by KoMarketing.

Many B2B clients will prefer to speak with a salesperson directly, even if you would rather sell through an e-commerce section of your website.

Make sure to give as many contact details as you feel comfortable sharing on the internet. Including an easily accessible contact form should be the very minimum.

Include your phone number, email address, and complete mailing address for even more sales.

It’s a good idea to put these details on each page of your website as so many visitors are searching for this function.

4. Make your plan name inspiring to motivate upgrades.

A consumer will probably search for the information you offer in order to gather information that could sway their decision while they are selecting which of your price plans to select.

You may raise the conversion rates for your most expensive plans by giving them a catchy name.

A fantastic illustration of this effect in action is offered by MailChimp. Three plans are available from MailChimp: a free plan, a cheap plan, and a premium plan.

The plans were known as “entrepreneur,” “growing business,” and “high volume sender” a few years ago.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

Even if this tactic wasn’t too bad, the word “entrepreneur” generally refers to small business owners favorably and suggests that the free plan is a good place to start.

On the other hand, “high volume sender” refers to an individual who is bombarding receivers’ inboxes with hundreds of emails.

MailChimp has modified the parameters of its plans as of right now.

(They also made some changes to the page’s design; I’ll go into more detail about that later.)

For the free plan, they now refer to it as “new business.” However, the names encourage individuals to upgrade for development because even the newest businesses want to portray themselves as developing.

Additionally, their premium members are now considered “pro marketers,” a title that any client would be glad to adopt, rather than high volume senders.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

5. Take out all references of purchasing above the fold.

At times, it’s necessary to persuade clients to begin using your product before discussing costs.

The price will not matter as much if someone is totally sold on your product as it will if you start off by outlining your ideas and costs in advance.

Take out of your website all mentions of purchasing above the fold in order to achieve this.

A “pricing” option can be found in the top menu of many websites. Try testing a version of your website without the pricing choice in the navigation if you do this right now.

Without making reference to sales on their home page, Evernote performs a fantastic job of promoting their product.

“Pricing,” “plans,” and “buy” are not included in the top navigation bar, nor are they stated anywhere else on the page.

Rather, a large amount of space is devoted to enticing new users to create a free Evernote account.

Because of their aggressive marketing campaign, Evernote has established itself as the industry standard for note-taking software.

After using Evernote’s features for free, consumers who purchase the complete plan still generate a sizable profit for the company.

6. Make your landing page and advertisement correspond.

There’s a small adjustment you can make to your paid ad approach to boost conversion rates and boost sales dramatically.

Consider having the advertising and landing pages correlate rather than split-testing different versions of them. Users will be encouraged to join up and purchase your goods by this congruence.

Making a landing page resemble the advertisement consists of two steps, as Raphael Paulin-Daigle explains on WordStream.

Let’s start with the fragrance match. The design and color palette of the advertisement you use to promote your landing page should be quite similar to that of your landing page.

Second, observe how the message matches. Using the same language (or at least the same focus) as your advertisement, you should market the landing page.

Air Canada is a fantastic illustration of this. On their advertisement, they tout their low prices by saying, “It’s the summer of great fares.”

On their landing page, the gray background design and this copy are repeated.

You can boost the number of purchases that result from your sponsored advertisements by maintaining a close alignment between scent and message matching.

The most comfortable people are those who perceive a clear harmony between your visual branding and messaging.

7. Display trust symbols on the payment page.

One of the psychological strategies you need to employ to increase sales dramatically is trust-building.

According to Acquisio, a startling 61% of online buyers chose not to make a purchase in one research because the website did not have a trust seal.

It really is that significant!

On your checkout page, there are a few different approaches to establish security and trust. Include a fundamental trust signifier first, such as a succinct explanation of your security protocols.

Several trust signals are used by Zappos, including these two on their checkout page.

They also include a link to a thorough explanation of the security methods they employ on their website, assuring prospective consumers that their information is secure.

You can, however, add a certified trust seal to go one step further. This necessitates having your identity confirmed by an outside vendor. After that, you’ll be able to show off their badge.

Having a protected site seal from these companies can increase sales, but at a cost.

If you’re having trouble deciding, studies have revealed that Norton has the highest levels of trust of any seal.

Your ability to handle sensitive credit card information will increase dramatically, and you will close many more deals as a result.

8. Add pictures to your testimonies.

In the same way that we desire to purchase the most well-liked plan or choice, we also want to confirm that other customers have had success with the product.

I’ve already discussed how testimonials can significantly boost your website’s sales.

But if you want to go one step further, you can add further evidence of your social proof.

Put another way, provide images and further identifying details about the individuals who have recommended your good or service.

The most powerful images are those of the actual authors of the quotes.

This demonstrates that the testimonials are genuine and gives users a means of connecting with the writers of the testimonials.

Potential clients can even get in touch with you by providing contact information and asking to confirm the authenticity of the testimonials.

Bizzabo gives images and Twitter handles of brand ambassadors together with their product endorsements.

This kind of social evidence is quite effective. You’re conveying the message that not only are your testimonials authentic, but you also welcome inquiring visitors to get in touch with the brand ambassadors for your product.

9. Establish a sense of urgency

Urgency is the jet fuel that takes your sales page into the stratosphere, if it were an airplane.

You can increase sales by giving consumers who might otherwise wait to acquire your goods a deadline for a promotion, launch, or discount.

People who wait, of course, usually don’t buy anything at all. Rather of holding out hope that they may someday change their mind, you should give them a strong incentive to spend right away.

The key is to act with urgency.

Marcus Taylor tried to up the urgency of his offer, which included recording time and iTunes distribution along with a full promotion package for bands.

There was little urgency on his sales page in its initial iteration.

In a revised version, he added three urgency triggers. The first thing he had was a Time Left to Download button that indicated how much time was left.

He also mentioned the quantity of bundles that had already been bought. This made it even more urgent because there was a limited quantity.

Lastly, he mentioned the offer’s status. This was how his second version seemed when everything was put together.

With a conversion rate of about 10%, this second edition was an enormous success.

Enhancing your sales with even a minor urgency indicator can have a significant effect.

10. Provide a money-back assurance.

You should offer a means of ensuring that hesitant customers walk away from the purchase feeling satisfied.

This can be accomplished most successfully by providing a money-back guarantee.

This is essentially an assurance that, in the event that certain requirements are not met, the entire purchase price will be refunded.

Common prerequisites include price matching, customer pleasure with the goods, or even the customer’s experience with the product’s outcomes.

Even if you shouldn’t make a guarantee you can’t keep, making a promise with more weight will boost sales. offers an incredibly thorough price guarantee. boosts sales by assuring clients that they will always receive the greatest deal, which instills confidence in their purchases.

A nice thing about guarantees is that, because they are a hassle, few buyers will take advantage of them, even if they aren’t happy with the product.

11. Eliminate the checkout process’s steps.

One of the best ways to increase e-commerce sales in an ethical manner is to streamline the checkout process.

There’s a very straightforward explanation for why Amazon has made billions of dollars from its One-Click Ordering feature: we are lazy.

I refer to you, me, and your clients as “we” when I say that.

Your checkout process becomes more difficult to complete with each additional step, and adding more steps will turn away some of your potential customers.

A lengthy or difficult checkout procedure is the reason behind 27% of cart abandonments, according to research from the Baymard Institute.

There are a few strategies you can use to win back this 27% of clients.

Initially, you can have a single page with all of your checkout information. The probability that someone will give up on the checkout process rises with each additional page.

Secondly, you have the option to conceal alternatives until prospective clients input the prior data. You may, for instance, provide a form that asks for just a name and an email address.

The credit card information appears once the customer fills these out. Lastly, delivery data show up following credit card information.

This will boost your sales by decreasing friction in the checkout process.

12. When checking out, remove the navigation bar.

You run the risk of losing a sale every time a customer attempts to leave the checkout process.

Rather than having clients click from checkout to their cart, which they might then abandon, you want to guide them through the purchasing process seamlessly.

To do this, taking the navigation bar out of the checkout process is one of the easiest methods.

The removal of the navigation bar during checkout resulted in a 14% boost in income per visitor for the children’s cartoon program VeggieTales.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

Users will automatically construct a flow toward a successful order if you force them to either leave the website or continue the checkout process.

Eliminate any additional links that go to other sites on your website that are present on the checkout pages. The checkout process ought to be as easy to use as feasible.

13. Incorporate your client’s voice into your writing.

Direct appeal to the customer is the most effective technique to close a deal. Additionally, using your customer’s voice in your language is the best method to win them over.

Naturally, it can be challenging to give a direct price to a potential client.

However, if you speak with current clients long enough, you’ll be able to identify the primary motivators behind their purchases of your good or service.

By employing these typical issues and justifications, you may create a sales page that converts more effectively than any other you’ve ever produced.

Small business owners want accounting to be quicker and easier, and FreshBooks understands this. They employ terms that entrepreneurs would use themselves in their main content.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

Because it incorporates words that business owners have undoubtedly occasionally stated to themselves, this copy is engaging.

Check through client endorsements or even arrange customer interviews to provide this type of persuasive writing to your website.

Recognize precisely what they want and the things that are frustrating them right now. Try to obtain precise quotes on the things that irritate them.

To write copy that converts more sales than you ever imagined, use these quotes—or paraphrase them.

14. Promote a longer period of time

Increasing the duration of your sales is one of the simplest and fastest methods to increase your sales.

If you work in the SaaS or service sector, monthly subscriptions are most likely how you make sales.

However, you can persuade your most dedicated potential customers to purchase an annual plan rather than a month-to-month one.

These annual plans are usually on the cheaper end. However, they’re a wonderful deal for businesses because they guarantee a larger total revenue stream.

Make sure to highlight your annual plan on your sales page. Make sure you have strong justifications for annual payment.

Grammarly offers three different subscription options: quarterly, annual, and monthly. They promote sales by pricing their annual subscription slightly more than half of that of their monthly subscription.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

Though it is more challenging to do this for items, think about developing a subscription-based offer to allow for regular product renewals.

To profit from this profitable sales technique, you may simply set up a subscription model if you’re selling clothing or a line of products like soap.

15. Test your headline presentation in two ways.

Although it’s likely common knowledge that split-testing your headlines is a good idea, you might not be aware that split-testing your headline displays is also a good idea.

Your sales pages’ conversion rates can be significantly impacted by the surrounding image and text display.

This headline set the tone for Mindvalley.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

They eliminated the image and concentrated solely on the text since they reasoned that the happy smiles next to the title detracted readers’ attention from the content.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

Opt-ins increased by 7% for this edition. However, they chose to add a subdued rear picture and divide the header into two lines rather than exclude visuals completely.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

This version received a tremendous 230.41% bump, outperforming all other tests they ran on the headline.

You can get more people to interact with your items and make more purchases by adjusting and experimenting with the headlines you use to market them.

16. Make use of live chat.

Although it’s desirable to address each and every consumer concern in your text, this isn’t always feasible.

It is not possible to respond to every inquiry that a customer has all the time.

How can this be resolved? setting up a live chat program on your sales page. Customers can communicate with you fast and get the answers to their urgent questions thanks to this.

Addressing objections via an email or other communication channel is a wonderful strategy to boost conversions, as most consumers won’t raise questions directly.

Numerous businesses have found great success with chat applications. The addition of a chat option by Intuit raised their conversion rate by 211%.

At the moment, mHelpDesk employs a chat app to handle inquiries and increase revenue.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

A default question that is shown to the user is a common feature of chat apps.

mHelpDesk does an excellent job at removing any hint of a sales pitch and keeping this non-confrontational.

They’ve found a straightforward method to promote conversation without selling a product—just allow the visitor to “look around” and speak if they have any inquiries.

17. Include social evidence

In this piece, social proof has been brought up several times. Furthermore, live social proof is indisputable, even though highlighting your most well-liked articles and providing testimonials are fantastic.

With the help of this more recent function, you may incorporate a popup box informing visitors about recent purchases of your goods.

These are usually little alerts that slide into the bottom left corner. Typically, they display the user’s name, photo, and the item they purchased.

Leadpages‘ price page features social proof. The choices are always displaying recent purchases made anywhere from a few hours to a few days ago.

This can be a strong incentive for someone who isn’t sure about your goods. It indicates the recentness of purchases and the current popularity of your goods.

The app Proof is a terrific tool for this feature that you can use.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

The majority of sales pages and landing page builders are integrated with Proof to provide a user-friendly interface that boosts conversions.

18. Make a direct call to action.

It might be time to switch things up if your call-to-action button is generic.

Pick a personal touch for your action rather than generic words. A first- or second-person pronoun like “my” or “you” might be used.

This wording frames your button more like a friend’s recommendation than a firm command, or perhaps your prospect’s inner monologue.

Instead of merely saying “start free trial,” Shopify says “start your free trial.”

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

As usual, I advise experimenting with a few different settings.

Try experimenting with copy that addresses your customers directly (as in the Shopify example above) and copy that incorporates their voice (like in “start my free trial”).

Alternatively, you may try using more colloquial language, such “oh heck yes,” as Jon Morrow suggests on the opt-in page for his Forbes publication guide.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

This informal button wording can attract visitors’ attention, promote purchases, and increase sales because it’s unexpected.

19. Suggest a Plan or choice

When presented with multiple options or plans, people may become confused and unsure of which to select.

It can seem wise to intentionally mislead your guests. They will get the more expensive choice just in case, correct, if they are unsure about the features?

However, that proves to be untrue in reality. Users will typically just quit your site if they are puzzled.

Streamlining the purchasing process is essential if you want to increase sales and conversions.

The best approach to take is to select one strategy and fervently advocate for it. Give the user a reason why you believe it to be the greatest option, and watch it take the lead in sales.

Freshdesk comes with one suggested plan. To highlight it, they even include an animated windmill!

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

Observe that Freshdesk gives a reason—”Best value for large teams”—rather than just recommending that you purchase this one.

This will draw in visitors right away because a huge number of organizations with teams are among their user base.

Furthermore, even if “value” is a relative phrase, the company’s recommendation—which adds more legitimacy to the plan—comes from someone who obviously understands the product.

20. Retarget your advertisements to attract more customers.

You’re passing on a great chance if you’re not retargeting your adverts.

Once a visitor leaves your website, you should create a targeted ad campaign to reach them again. If not, you’re merely throwing money away.

You should make custom ads to appeal to bespoke audiences if you want the best results from retargeted ads.

Let’s take the scenario where you run an online bicycle store.

Potential buyers who add race bikes to their carts should see one set of retargeted ads; those who are interested in mountain bikes should see another set of ads.

This kind of personalized retargeted advertisement has the potential to generate  impulsive sales and be well worth the expenditure.

With the correct Google AdWords campaign, you may increase sales quickly. With retargeting advertisements, luxury watch firm Watchfinder received 1,300% ROI.

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

You’ll see that, depending on the kind of watch that each consumer is most interested in, different watch types appeal to different types of customers.

Try out a few different retargeted ad formats and make adjustments in response to the ROI of each one.

21. Make your design better.

You will miss out on important clients if your website appears antiquated.

Consider working with a professional designer to update your sales page in order to increase the amount of sales you earn on your website.

Basekit used bolder, more vibrant colors on their sales page, which resulted in a 25% boost in conversions. The light gray background behind the dark gray plan categories on their original page faded away.

Brighter colors were added to each plan in the revision, along with a vibrant Get Started button.

As I’ve said previously, in order to increase conversions, you need continuously make small adjustments to the appearance of your website.

Your sales page is the most crucial location for this. I suggest utilizing Optimizely to progressively enhance the design and increase revenue.

If you’re just starting off, I suggest using striking colors for your plans, emphasizing a well-liked or suggested plan, and having the call-to-action buttons stand out more.

22. Provide free shipping.

Although it may be the priciest choice on this list, it also holds the greatest potential.

Acquisio research shows that 47% of customers would remove an item from their basket if they discovered that free shipping was not included at the time of checkout.

That represents over 50% of your possible customers!

Increasing Sales of Your Store: The Best 22 Creative Ways

If you want to grow your business, you must find a means to keep clients from abandoning because of your shipping policies.

You can attempt this in a few different ways.

  • Give free shipping. If you do the math, you might be able to pay for the delivery if the order total exceeds a particular threshold. Similar to Amazon’s $35 limit, this amount has the benefit of encouraging customers with $25 orders to select an additional $10 worth of goods rather than giving up on their carts.
  • Include shipping in the price in a discrete manner. Even though you might be concerned about raising your rates, offering free shipping could compensate. Think about adding a dollar or two to each item, and utilize the money made to pay for the delivery.
  • Provide shipment at a fixed cost. If you are unable to provide free shipping, think about charging a flat fee. This makes it clear to buyers that they will be responsible for shipping costs, but it also prevents an unforeseen cost from stopping a transaction in the middle of the checkout process.

In summary

If your goal is to boost online sales, you should start experimenting with strategies that your rivals haven’t even considered yet.

You’ll need to try both conventional and novel approaches to accomplish this. Whatever you do, make sure to test it on yourself and base your decision on the best available information.

Keep it if it boosts your conversions! If not, find another strategy to increase your website’s earnings.

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Which Strategy will you use to increase your online sales?

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