Content Marketing Trends 2024: It’s Not What You Think

Content Marketing Trends 2024: is It Simple and Like What You Think

“Has the adage “content is king” ever occurred To You?”

Of course you have, then. However, producing more content won’t guarantee an increase in search traffic.

You may have heard me or others discuss statistics, such as the 1,890 word average for material that appears on Google’s first page.

However, this does not imply that producing 1,890 words of in-depth content will bring in more search traffic. It simply indicates that this is the typical word count for a page 1 web page.

You’re probably thinking about the situation below.

You keep writing content but, for some reason, you aren’t getting the amount of search traffic that you would like to be getting.

Please don’t worry; I understand your situation and will provide you with a solution. Let’s talk about how content marketing is evolving first, though.

There are more than 440 million blogs.

There are 440 million blogs as of right now, according to the most recent data I could find online, there are currently 440 million blogs.

However, taking into account Medium, Tumblr, and other comparable websites, that figure undoubtedly exceeds one billion, as Tumblr alone boasts more than 400 million blogs.

What does that signify to you, then?

Raising awareness will be challenging due to the abundance of blogs.

The world’s population is estimated to be 7.5 billion, yet the number of blogs is increasing more quickly than that. Accordingly, if one assumes that there are around one billion blogs, then one blog exists for every 7.5 people.

That number of blogs is absurd!

Therefore, why should someone read yours as opposed to the others?

Why is the effectiveness of content marketing less effective than it once was?

Because there are so many blogs out there, you face fierce competition.

It’s likely that someone—or many people—have already blogged about whatever it is you’re considering writing about. Really?

It’s likely that another blog will publish the story before you do, even if it’s only by a few minutes or an hour. This is true even if you intend to write about news and current affairs.

There are now more websites vying for the top spot in the rankings because there are only so many popular phrases that users look for.

Ubersuggest is currently monitoring 619,718,788 keywords worldwide. Only 24,593,402 of them made more than 10,000 searches in the last 30 days.

Additionally, there will be fierce competition for whatever popular term you choose to pursue.

For instance, I am ranked #1 (at least in the US) for the term “SEO.” However, I have a lot of competition—581 million, to be exact!

Content Marketing Trends 2024: It’s Not What You Think

You will encounter intense competition if you choose to pursue one of those 24,593,402 keywords.

Yes, long-tail words can also generate a lot of traffic, but they are becoming more and more competitive.

What adjustments should be made to your content strategy?

Whatever you are writing about, chances are someone else has previously written about it, as I indicated above.

My first blog, Pronet Advertising, is no longer in existence. My first article was titled “Winning the Search Engine Marketing War,” and it was 412 words long with no links or photos. However, that was in 2005, and at the time, content marketing was very different.

If I released it now, it would do horribly. Even though I had no personal brand at the time and no one knew who I was, the post nevertheless performed really well.

Even the traditional social media platforms, such as Facebook, were not being utilized by marketers.

Are you curious as to why it was successful? since it was novel.

Nobody ever read a piece on winning the battle of search engine marketing back then. Because it was new, people were curious to learn more. It didn’t matter that it was brief.

Now, there’s a strong likelihood that readers have already read something comparable when you release new content. Why

Even worse, only 2 out of 10 individuals will click through a headline after reading only 8 out of 10. This indicates that readers think your content is uninteresting or that they are already well-versed in the topic.

Put another way, it won’t succeed if you don’t write anything fresh and spectacular.

No one will care if your content isn’t original and distinctive, even if you wrote 1,890 words for it, bought some social media shares, or cleverly got a few backlinks.

Just take a peek at the 3,630,000 websites vying for the search term “SEO tips.”

Content Marketing Trends 2024: It’s Not What You Think

Additionally, nearly all of the writers who rank for that term write about the same topics. The quantity of recommendations they include in their essay is the sole distinction.

How can you create original, fresh content?

You must talk about your personal experiences. Your existence is distinct. You’ll perform far better if you can incorporate personal experiences into your writing.

Here are top postings on during the past 12 months, arranged in chronological order:

  1. My New SEO Approach: Focus More on Technology, Blog Less
  2. My New Ubersuggest 2.0 SEO Tool
  3. I Was Wrong About Everything I Taught You About SEO
  4. 5,860,631,392 articles from 64 countries were analyzed. What Facebook Adoration Is Here?
  5. I regret creating a personal brand.
  6. The Google employee taught me the most important SEO tactic.
  7. Why My Content Works Better Than Yours
  8. The Sophisticated SEO Method That Enabled Me to Rank for 477,000 Terms

Have you noticed any trends?

Unlike posts that are generic and feature things you already know, like “10 ways to double your search traffic” or “how to rank on Google,” each one contains something fresh.

What else, though?

I wrote all those posts quite recently, if you look at them altogether.

Even if they don’t rank as highly on Google as some of the blogs I made earlier this year or in years past, their uniqueness makes them the most popular ones nonetheless.

The pieces that are original and can only be written by you will do the best, whether they contain statistics that readers have never seen before or anything based on a personal experience that readers may learn from.

To put it differently, being unique is a prerequisite for being liked. not by Google alone, but by actual people.

So how can you create original material using data and narratives that are tailored to the reader?

Here are some suggestions:


It can take a lot of money to produce original, high-quality content for your website, but the investment pays off. However, as was already mentioned, producing unique material is the real secret to success.

Selecting novel subjects that enable you to offer a unique viewpoint is essential when writing any kind of content, from blog posts to whitepapers. And that’s when something like Ubersuggest becomes useful.

Ubersuggest makes it easy to identify the content articles in your field that are receiving the highest number of backlinks and social shares.

This is how it operates:

Step 1: Use the Ubersuggest Search Box to enter your keyword.

Click “search” after entering any keyword or website and your desired language.

Step 2: Go to Ideas for Content.

In the sidebar on the left, select “Content Ideas”:

You’ll find a list of more than ten ideas here. This is an illustration of the term “content marketing.”

Content Marketing Trends 2024: It’s Not What You Think

Step #3: Examine the Outcomes

You now have all the information necessary to produce original, industry-leading content for your keyword based on the results that are displayed to you. Your results are divided into five sections:

  • Page title and URL: The title and URL that appear in a Google search.
  • Estimated visits: The amount of traffic the website receives from Google for the specified term.
  • Backlinks: The quantity of backlinks that this domain receives from other websites.
  • Facebook interaction: Facebook interaction with the specified material.
  • Engagement on Pinterest: Engagement on Pinterest related to the specified content.

This data can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, keep a close eye on the posts that received the most interaction if your objective is to succeed greatly on Pinterest.

“To Make Your Logo (and Business) Sparkle, Reach for the Star” and “29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics” are at the top of the list in this instance.

Seek methods to offer a different (and superior) perspective. We are aware of the success of “29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics” in this instance. Here are some options for topics with a related perspective:

  • The 99 Crucial Metrics of Content Marketing
  • 33 Statistics about Content Marketing to Help You in 2020
  • Comprehensive Analysis: The Effects of These 50 Content Marketing Measures on You

You are aware of what functions. Now figure out how to improve upon it. Add additional information, a new perspective, or depth.

Ubersuggest may be used not only for brainstorming new content ideas but also for keyword research. Above “Content Ideas” on the left sidebar, select “Keyword Ideas.”

There are 420 more keywords that you may use—or think about using—in your article.

In addition to a vast list of terms, you receive access to:

  • The average monthly number of Google searches for a certain keyword.
  • The average cost per click for a Google Adwords keyword is called the cost per click (CPC).
  • The measure of competition in sponsored searches is called paid difficulty; the greater the number, the more competitive the search.
  • SEO difficulty: an indicator of organic search rivalry, where a larger score indicates greater competition.

Employ long-tail keywords in your content to improve your site’s ranking for more terms and increase traffic.

Look for high-CPC keywords because they usually have higher conversion rates. Additionally, you want to aim for an SEO difficulty score of 40 or lower because it will boost your chances of ranking highly in search engine results.


It will display all of the most popular posts if you enter a keyword associated with your industry.

Content Marketing Trends 2024: It’s Not What You Think

Do not write another article that is a “copycat.” There’s a good possibility it will succeed if you have a fresh take on any of those subjects that the business hasn’t seen before.

However, it cannot be just another clone article discussing the same topics that have been covered a thousand times before.

Buzzsumo’s ability to show you what’s popular during specific time periods is my favorite feature.

To observe how people’s preferences have evolved over time, you can narrow down your search to include the past month, year, five years, or any other time period.

You may better grasp where the market is headed and how to adjust by making use of this tool.

This handy tool lets you see what’s popular at the moment. in all actuality right now.

The real-time trends can also be filtered by industry.

Alternatively, you can view the most popular searches of the day along with the quantity of them.

Content Marketing Trends 2024: It’s Not What You Think

Naturally, you may utilize Google Trends in any nation. The screenshots shown above are for the US.

You want to think about capitalizing on the trend and writing a blog post as soon as you can if you have a distinctive viewpoint on any of these statistics or trends.

Take caution—many individuals will adopt this strategy, and well-known news websites will receive the majority of the traffic. However, you can perform exceptionally well if you have firsthand knowledge of the trend or subject matter.

Utilizing SurveyMonkey

Asking your existing readers for advice is the simplest approach to generating original topic ideas that they will enjoy.

For instance, why not use SurveyMonkey to build a free survey and ask your followers questions like “What’s the biggest problem I can help you solve?” and “What would you like me to blog about”?”

These kinds of queries should provide you with lots of ideas.

Make sure to collect more than 30 responses from your surveys. The more, the better, as you may determine what interests the bulk of your viewers by using their text analysis feature.

Content Marketing Trends 2024: It’s Not What You Think

Job Board for Probloggers

If you want to add some uniqueness to your posts by incorporating statistics and research, you might choose to hire someone from the Problogger Job Board.

I work in that capacity.

If you already have data, Problogger has people that can help you analyze the numbers and acquire valuable insights for your post.

Alternatively, if you don’t, they can compile information from the internet and produce something original.

I have come across several extremely talented researchers. They approach the tool manufacturers in my industry, request information, and then produce thought-provoking analyses that benefit my audience.

The tool firms benefit from free press in return, which helps them, and they typically share and promote your content as well.

This is well illustrated in the post I published on Hummingbird. It has a ton of unique data points, and I made note of the businesses that assisted me in compiling the information.

However, some people succeed with generic content.

Yes, there are a ton of highly ranked blogs with generic material. The problem is that their information is either outdated—they were among the first to address the subject—or they are highly regarded.

Because high-authority websites like Entrepreneur and Huffington Post already have a large number of social shares, backlinks, and brand queries, their generic content ranks well.

If your brand receives more than 20,000 brand queries each month (you can check this using Google Search Console),

Content Marketing Trends 2024: It’s Not What You Think

Additionally, if you produce generic content and have a domain authority of over 60, you will receive some results.

Even though I’ve learned from my own experience that choosing the generic approach is not a good idea, if that’s what you want, make sure you at least meet those general requirements.

In my experience, the most competitive industries vying for market share in England require at least that.

You can still succeed with generic “copycat” material if you lack authority or brand awareness, but you’ll need to concentrate on foreign markets.

Google has far too much English-language stuff to pick from. However, this isn’t the case in Portuguese or Hindi.

If you are willing to grow your business abroad, use the advice in this piece to determine which areas to start with.

In summary

I hope my advice didn’t deter you from doing content marketing. Even now, it’s a fantastic strategy that has brought me 1,864,246 unique visits per month.

Content Marketing Trends 2024: It’s Not What You Think

Even though I’ve been blogging for a while, is one of the more recent search blogs when compared to websites like Moz or Search Engine Land, but I was still able to achieve success. This is particularly true for the past year, which is when I’ve grown the most.

And I started generating individualized content—content that is unique to me and contains stories and experiences from my life that cannot be found or produced anywhere else—as my main change in approach.

You can still apply the lessons you acquired in the past or refer to other people’s experiences, even if you are new to your industry, because some of those things are still applicable today.

Utilize data if you are unable to accomplish that. As long as you have fresh evidence to support your claims, people enjoy reading about new tactics and trends. 

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