Why a Website Needs Clean and Simple Design: 17 Reasons

You Should Know That Why a Website Needs Clean and Simple Design. Because Your website Serves As Your Company’s Online Showroom.

If it is poorly designed, customers may opt not to do business with you.

Blue Corona released research indicating that 48% of consumers judge a company’s legitimacy based on the look of its website.

And the data is unambiguous: simpler designs perform better.

You might wonder, What research?

I’ll elaborate in this post. These are the top 17 reasons a simpler, cleaner design is needed for your website.

1. Timeless simplicity in design

The fact that websites age so quickly is one of their main issues.

It feels like there is always a new update to look forward to, just as you are wrapping up the last one. However, things don’t have to be that way.

Busy designs rapidly grow old and lose their appeal.

However, history has demonstrated that timeless designs may endure; one such example is Britain’s 1939 “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster.

Designer Simon Foster resorted to clean, straightforward design for a classic style when examining the numbers of his vintage record collection.

Despite having a layout from 2010, Foster’s website still feels new and fresh because it emphasizes clean font and structure.

Designer Elliot Jay Stocks chose to incorporate his typographic layouts into a book that was published because he wanted them to endure.

He went with a straightforward style to highlight the project’s timeless quality in order to sell his book, 8 Faces.

You may resist the shifting trends in website design by sticking with a basic layout for your website.

Long-lasting website visitor satisfaction can be achieved by selecting a straightforward color scheme and a simple yet bold font.

With fewer frequent updates, you can save money and require fewer modifications. More significantly, you will continue to look good for many years to come.

2. Simplified designs are simpler to scan.

It’s no secret that not every word on your website is read by visitors.

If they are pressed for time, 58% of users will skim articles, according to Adobe.

It’s critical to simplify your design to the bare minimum in order to optimize the number of visitors who view the most crucial portions of your information.

You can make your point more apparent to the reader by cutting out extraneous details.

One day without Google takes advantage of white space so that, after just a few minutes of visitation, users may quickly grasp the essence of the website.

The most frequent criticism of this kind of design is focused on the content issue.

If you wish to promote a large number of pages and data, what steps should you take? I look to well-designed news websites for an answer.

The Los Angeles Times maintains a tidy website in contrast to other news websites, which are busy and distracting. It uses white space for the remaining headings and highlights a select few.

One way to make your material easier to scan and get more people to read what you have to offer is to highlight your most significant content.

3. Accessible design is simpler.

The number of people with impairments and alternate methods of consuming your material is growing along with the popularity of the Internet.

Features that enable maximum accessibility for users are essential for every website.

Fortunately, it’s simpler to make simple designs accessible.

Clean design makes your website easier to use for everyone by eliminating the flimsy bells and whistles that frequently discourage users from enjoying themselves.

It makes sense that Virgin America’s website has been commended for being very user-friendly. With a straightforward call to action and navigation bar, the website is uncomplicated and neat.

Use accessible and minimalistic design to expand the audience that can see your website.

4. Simple design strips away the salesy feel

Complex websites frequently turn away potential clients in an effort to maximize income and conversions. This is one of the main issues with flashy websites: they look too “salesy.”

Conversely, visitors can study without feeling as though the website is trying to sell them something when it has a minimalistic design.

Although RTA Studio uses a large phone number on their website to boost sales of their architectural work, the simple layout keeps the page from appearing salesy.

An emphasis on aesthetics can enhance the visual attractiveness of any website.

Additionally, consumers are less likely to find the sales pitch offensive because the call to action can be seamlessly integrated into the website’s design.

5. Faster loading times are achieved by simple designs.

The speed at which a website loads is important for both the user experience and SEO.

Website bounce rates increase by 100% when a page takes four seconds to load, according to statistics released by Tyton Media.

Complex pictures, features, and options are usually the ones that cause a website to lag.

A minimalist website will load lightning fast, draw in more search engine traffic, and draw in new readers by doing away with them.

The Zen Habits homepage by Leo Babauta features no graphics and very little text. It loads the most recent post, and the header doesn’t even have a menu bar.

According to GTmetrix, the website loads exceptionally quickly, which is not surprising.

The website loads incredibly quickly, thanks to its minimal text content. It makes sense that one of the most popular blogs out there is Zen Habits.

6. Simple Designs Are Easy-to-use.

Utilizing your website is the main goal it serves.

Simplifying your website is a simple way to increase its usability. You can enhance the user experience by reducing the number of options available on the website.

The navigation menu is the best place to start. Eliminate any unnecessary choices or buttons that are infrequently clicked.

Rogue Society Gin makes it simple to browse, learn about the business, and purchase products on their website by including a straightforward header bar with options for navigation.

After streamlining the navigation, make the home page better.

Since people usually follow instructions, it is better to have as little text as possible on the site’s home page and to just recommend one action.

By doing this, you can encourage people to click on your best-selling items or begin a free trial rather than letting them aimlessly peruse other websites.

You can maximize your website’s potential and make it easier for users to navigate with a thoughtfully planned and designed design.

7. Conversion rates are increased by simple designs.

One of the things that constantly irritates me about websites is how old and out-of-date they appear.

The website doesn’t seem to be a priority for the business owner, despite my knowledge that this isn’t a reliable indicator of the site’s value or quality.

Knowing how important a high-quality website is, I can tell that the proprietor of the company isn’t concerned about sales or conversions.

The amount of money you generate on your website can be significantly impacted by the design work you do.

Having a minimal, clean design is one way to demonstrate your brand’s seriousness. The SkinnyTies.com website had a crowded, hard-to-read look in the past.

The website didn’t appear professional, and there was a lot going on. They made updates in 2012 that gave it the current, more open, minimalistic appearance.

They removed the convoluted menu bar and updates that overloaded the previous website, added white space, and focused on the things they sold.

Conversion rates increased by 13.6%, and revenue increased by 42.4% as a result of the redesign.

This is a really beneficial update for e-commerce websites. The straightforward way that product categories are displayed on the e-commerce website Makr encourages customers to make purchases.

The products are highlighted by this straightforward style, which increases sales.

8. Simple designs are Easy to construct and maintain.

Creating a website is not a simple task.

But maintaining organization might be challenging when your website is large and disorganized. Furthermore, updating the website rapidly becomes a hassle.

A designer would understand the value of clear code more than anyone else. Yaron Schoen, an interface designer, effectively employs this technique on his personal website.

Perhaps even more exquisite than the uncomplicated and tidy style he’s used is the flawlessness of his coding.

It’s easy to use, and it wouldn’t take long for him to correct a bug.

A human-friendly, easily legible code that is easy to update and maintain is a benefit of this type of design.

9. Simple design builds trust

Make sure you can gain the trust of your visitors before trying to sell anything on your website.

However, if your website design is cluttered and complex, this may be challenging.

Studies on online e-commerce websites discovered a clear correlation between the site’s presentation and visitors’ level of trust.

Humans are “psychologically hardwired” to trust beauty, claims Dr. Brent Coker of the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics.

He asserts that websites are also subject to this.

Use a lot of white space in your website design to establish trust. Simplify the layout and concentrate on one topic at a time on each page.

For its online business, ETQ employs simple design and white space to foster client trust.

The layout demonstrates ETQ’s commitment to quality in its products.

A business that invests in high-quality website design also probably appreciates high-quality website security, even though it’s not a foolproof source of assurance.

A well-maintained website can increase audience trust and boost sales.

10. Hosting a simple design is Less Expensive.

It’s no secret that your website will take up less server space the less unnecessary information it has.

A website with a simple and clean design will load your server faster than one that is enormous and has a lot of graphics and videos.

(In addition, your conversion rate will drastically decrease due to those space-consuming resources.)

Since most hosting firms charge extra for more storage, that translates to lower costs for you.

For instance, GoDaddy’s free plan only offers 100 GB to users. For a simple site, this is more than sufficient; nevertheless, a sophisticated site might fill the entire space.

HostGator, a different, well-known hosting provider, uses a comparable pricing model.

Over a few years, you may be able to save thousands of dollars on hosting by streamlining the content that appears on your website.

11. A simple design appears more polished.

Consumers are more inclined to do business with a website that presents itself professionally, and a straightforward design can accomplish this.

In actuality, a simple design works better for you than a complex one since it makes it simpler to see the instant benefits that your business can offer.

Employ a straightforward color palette and big typography outlining the advantages of doing business with your organization to create a polished appearance.

Ashford & Ashford, a company that locates lost goods for its clients, projects an air of ageless expertise with its monochromatic graphics, red accents, and traditional logo.

12. Simple design makes a great initial impression

It’s said that people form opinions about you in a matter of minutes. But did you realize that people make snap judgments on your website too?

According to a Google study, a site’s visual complexity affects its appeal within 17 milliseconds of a visitor arriving.

Otherwise, individuals favor websites with a straightforward layout, and they form an opinion about them after just 60 seconds of viewing.

What can you then do to improve the aesthetics of your website? Reduce the options and stop concentrating on a small number of distinct features, goods, or advantages.

Give just one major argument and make it stand out using eye-catching images and a clean, bold design.

Because of its clear focus on the satellite that is the subject of the website, A Spacecraft for All produces a strong first impression.

Why a Website Needs Clean and Simple Design

In just a few seconds, the site’s first impression is welcoming and captivating, thanks to the simple headline, image, and two buttons.

13. Simple designs are easier for Google to understand

The way your website is set up affects where it ranks in Google’s search results.

You’ll get higher rankings if your website has a clear hierarchy and is easy for Google to scan.

Conversely, a complex structure lacking any clear hierarchy or structure will be hard for Google to understand and will result in low search engine traffic.

Listing your menu on your website is one of the best ways to enhance the architecture of your site.

It’s challenging to incorporate a complex site structure, yet a minimalist website would benefit greatly from a straightforward idea flow.

Adidas’s site has a straightforward menu.

Why a Website Needs Clean and Simple Design

However, the menu expands to reveal a well-organized site structure when you hover over it.

This is an excellent illustration of a well-designed site structure that will improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

14. Scientifically, simpler designs are more beautiful.

There are some conclusions on websites that are supported by credible research; however, the majority of opinions are merely anecdotal.

The conclusion that simplicity in website design is better than complexity is one of the most notable.

According to Harvard University research, 48% of a viewer’s assessment of a website’s visual appeal is based on its color and intricacy.

Why a Website Needs Clean and Simple Design

You must ensure that your website has a significant amount of white space and concentrates on a select few items if you want to fully benefit from this study.

The idea behind this layout is to make your website more likeable rather than to win any design prizes (but you shouldn’t be upset if you do!).

We’ll visit a website more frequently, read more, and possibly make more purchases if we enjoy it.

The website of designer Il-Ho Jung is a fantastic illustration of straightforward focus. He concentrates the site’s attention on his work, which results in a stunning home page presentation.

Why a Website Needs Clean and Simple Design

Visitors are enticed to remain longer and perhaps get in touch with him to work on their projects because of the appealing layout.

15. The simple design places focus on the content.

You don’t have a website to hope that visitors will peruse the advertisements, marvel at your logo, or be moved by the elegant words at the bottom.

The purpose of your website is to elicit action from its users.

That action could be registering for a free trial, making a purchase through your online store, or simply finding out more about your brand, depending on your business.

Use simple design to draw attention to the action you want the user to perform, whatever it may be.

The straightforward Mozilla Firefox website highlights the primary activity that consumers should perform, which is to download the browser.

The page does have a few other items of material, but they all work with the primary free download button.

However, what if your objective is longer-term?

One call-to-action button shouldn’t take over your entire website if you’re working hard to establish authority and trust through content marketing.

If so, using a simple style can help draw attention to your content marketing. The Buffer blog makes extensive use of whitespace to highlight its content.

Why a Website Needs Clean and Simple Design

Buffer allows the content to take center stage rather than overpowering the screen with advertisements or other intrusive graphics.

The goal of the Buffer team’s removal of the sidebar and promotional graphics is to encourage users to interact with the premium content, which is one of the company’s main marketing tactics.

16. Simple designs are easier to remember.

It has been demonstrated through a well-known study conducted by Princeton psychologist George Miller that humans are limited to remembering seven things at once.

You must therefore carefully consider what you want visitors to remember about your website.

You need to make an impact because a significant portion of site visitors will never return or even sign up for your email list.

An excellent way to accomplish it is with a simple design.

Your site’s core idea will be more likely to stick in their memory hours or even months after they visit if you keep it simple.

The Universidade de Coimbra is a stunning illustration of a design worth remembering.

The striking and vibrant architecture seen on their website’s home page is hard to overlook.

The university establishes a distinct mental image that will be simpler to recall than one on a busy site by sacrificing everything else for this one main vision.

17. The user Experience can be shaped by simple design.

The user finds it difficult to know where to look when there is a lot to see. However, you can create a seamless experience when you design a straightforward and tidy website.

By designing a page with purposeful simplicity, you can control precisely where the user’s eye should travel.

The website for the Nizo app offers a unique user experience. It opens with a strong title and a succinct synopsis.

The visitor then notices an iPhone when they glance at the words “coming to the app store.”

Why a Website Needs Clean and Simple Design

As you scroll, a plethora of gadgets appear from outside the screen and position themselves next to the iPhone.

Eventually, an email opt-in form appears, and the main logo slides to the bottom of the screen.

Your eye naturally seeks the opt-in form at the bottom of the page because it’s the sole interactive element.

The goal of the whole experience is to pique visitors’ interest in the project and encourage them to provide their email addresses so they can be informed when the app opens.

Nizo is able to tell a story, push one important action, and define the complete user experience with a clean design.

In summary

Regardless of your sector, having a straightforward and uncluttered website will benefit you more.

Not only will it increase conversions, but the clean, contemporary style will draw in additional visitors.

Fortunately, tidying up your layout is not hard. Seek out components to eliminate, concentrating on basic forms and empty space.

Why a Website Needs Clean and Simple Design

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